Protect WhatsApp with a code

Don’t feel like having someone access your WhatsApp account? To keep WhatsApp chats secret, you can protect the messenger with a code. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals how this works for Android and iOS.

Messages that we write on WhatsApp can theoretically be seen by anyone with access to our cell phone. To ensure that the messages remain secret, there is the option of setting up a code for protection. WhatsApp users can use apps that block messenger chats with a code or set up WhatsApp’s internal block.

There are many apps in the Play Store and App Store to secure WhatsApp on the smartphone with a code. In most cases, you set a code of your choice immediately after installation, which you have to enter each time you open the app. If this is wrong, the app remains closed and the chats and messages cannot be viewed. We introduce you to some apps:

Apps for Android

As in many things, Android users * make things easier with WhatsApp than iOS, including when it comes to code. There are many apps in the Play Store that even protect WhatsApp from strangers with a code for free.

The free app   Messenger Protect  is one of the best-known  code apps for WhatsApp in the Play Store. Users can choose a four-digit code to keep the messenger account private even if someone else is on the phone. As soon as WhatsApp is to be opened on the smartphone, the code is requested.

 AppLock  is not only very helpful for Messenger, but also recommended for other apps . Because this app also protects other applications from unwanted looks. And: In addition to a regular code, users of the app can also use the fingerprint sensor to unlock. More than 200 million users are expected to use the app.

Apps for iOS

IPhone users have significantly more problems because there are not significantly fewer apps in the App Store. Interested parties sometimes have to dig into their wallets, whereas the free selection on Android is larger. Ultimately, everyone has to decide for themselves whether a WhatsApp password is worth it to the user.

 WhatsLock   can also be found among the apps on offer , which secures the WhatsApp account with a password from a price of 1.09 euros. Almost all apps also had bad reviews in the ratings in the respective stores. Time and again, users wrote that the app and the password lock did not work. In these cases, users should simply uninstall the app.

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Protect WhatsApp without an app

If you don’t feel like an app that takes up valuable storage space, there are other options available. iPhone users can, for example, set a password under WhatsApp “Settings” and under “Account”, then “Data protection” and “Activate screen lock”. Extra protection via fingerprint sensor or Face ID is also possible, provided your iPhone has the technical requirements.

Android users can proceed in a similar way. To do this, open WhatsApp and go to the settings and the sub-item “Account”. You cannot set a password here, but you can protect WhatsApp with a fingerprint lock. The lock can also be set up so that it is activated automatically after a certain period of time.

If you do not value extra protection for WhatsApp, two things are recommended:

  1. Generally protect your Hany with a code or with a fingerprint sensor. If you have set a password or a numeric code, change it regularly.
  2. You can also use the archive function to hide important chats on WhatsApp and restore them if necessary.
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