Prevent unwanted in-app purchases by children

Additional functions in apps that are subject to a fee can be expensive. Children in particular are tempted to make these in-app purchases. You can prevent them with the right settings on the device.

Children like to play on tablets or smartphones. Often, however, free games with add-ons are tempting – for which you have to pay. So that the children don’t just go shopping, parents can prevent such in-app purchases on the device.

Prevent in-app purchases on Android

On Android devices, users can prevent unwanted in-app purchases. To do this, open the Play Store and select the “Settings” menu item via the three-line icon. Under “User control” go to “Authentication required for purchases” and then tap on the following option: “For all purchases on Google Play on this device”.

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Block in-app purchases on iOS

With iPhone or iPad, users must first activate “Screen time” in the settings. Then click on “Screen Time”, “Restrictions” and “iTunes & App Store Purchases” in order. There you can click on “In-App Purchases” and specify “Do not allow” to prevent future in-app purchases on Apple devices.

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A code under “Use screen time code” is required so that a child does not deactivate the specified screen time restriction themselves. If the screen time is set up on the child’s device, follow the instructions of the operating system up to the menu item “Parent Code”. Here parents enter a code and confirm it. Enter the code under “Restrictions” and activate “Content & data protection”.

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