PlayStation 5 – fake mail gives hope to pre-orderers

Electronics giant MediaMarkt is currently allegedly writing to pre-orderers of the PS5 and announcing that Sony’s brand new console will be delivered on November 12th. At least that’s what a mail that is in circulation says. The official launch date of the PlayStation 5 is actually November 19th. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON asked MediaMarkt.

Anyone who was lucky enough to land on a pre-order list for the coveted PS5 should already be full of anticipation. According to the MediaMarkt emails, pre-orderers could have their PlayStation 5 in their hands a week earlier.

Notes on earlier delivery of the PS5 for pre-orderers

On the one hand, the date November 12, 2020 is clearly stated in the mail to the pre-orderers. This is an update email in which MediaMarkt first thanks for the order and then gives the order number again.

But that’s not all. The accessories for the PS5, such as the DualSense controller, are also listed for publication on November 12th on the electronics retailer’s homepage.

Is the PS5 pre-order email incorrect?

Until then, everything sounds pretty plausible. A formulation in the e-mail is suspicious. The wording states: “We are very sorry to inform you that the publication of your ordered article (…) has been postponed to November 12th, 2020.”

So it sounds more like the fact that the delivery will be delayed, rather than after the good news of an early delivery of the PS5. In the event of an error, it would be possible that the PS5 pre-orderers get their console even after the release.

What does MediaMarkt say about it?

The whole thing can probably best be resolved by MediaMarkt itself. And here the answer from one of the speakers is very clear:

“As far as we can understand, there are currently emails and screenshots in circulation that give the impression that they come from our company and that spread the information that MediaMarkt would start delivering well before the official sales start of the PlayStation 5. This mail is a fake mail. When delivering the PlayStation 5 to our pre-orderers, we will use the official release date on November 19, 2020. ”

Is it possible to pre-order a PS5 now?

If you haven’t had an order confirmation for weeks, it will now be difficult. And even those are only on the safe side when the final shipping confirmation is out. But there is still some residual hope.

With this in mind, we wish all gamers the best of luck.

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