OnePlus Band: Inexpensive fitness tracker presented

The Chinese manufacturer OnePlus has now also established itself with Android smartphones. Now the company showed its first fitness tracker.

D.he Chinese manufacturer OnePlus is making its debut in the wearable segment. With the OnePlus Band , the company showed its first fitness tracker , which is initially available for the Indian market . In terms of price and features, it competes with other inexpensive wristbands such as the Xiaomi Mi Band 5 . Find out what’s in the OnePlus Band here.
OnePlus Band © OnePlus
The manufacturer offers several color options: black, gray and blue.

Slim design, bright screen

The fitness bracelet has a slim design. Thanks to AMOLED technology, the screen should shine brightly and with high contrast. The display reacts to touch. According to the manufacturer, the battery of the fitness tracker lasts up to two weeks in standby mode. With these properties, the OnePlus Band is in a good position compared to other fitness bands.
  • External dimensions (housing): 40.4×17.6×11.95 millimeters
  • Weight: 10.3 grams (case only), 22.6 grams (including bracelet)
  • Display: AMOLED, 2.79 centimeters diagonal, 126×294 pixels
  • Battery: 100 mAh

Sporty and clever functions

The OnePlus Band detects movements and measures the heart rate. An SpO 2 sensor is also on board, which roughly assesses the oxygen saturation in the blood (but not medically accurate). The following sport modes can be selected: various running modes, cycling, rowing machine and elliptical trainer, cricket, badminton, yoga, pool swimming and a miscellaneous mode (“free training”). A GPS sensor for recording the route during sport, however, is missing, as is automatic training recognition. Some smart functions are possible in connection with the mobile phone. The bracelet controls music and camera on the smartphone remotely and mirrors notifications. It also receives the weather forecast via the mobile phone.

OnePlus Band: price and availability

The OnePlus Band will initially be released in India and will cost 2,499 Indian rupees (INR, the equivalent of 28 euros). The manufacturer offers it in black, blue and gray. It is unclear whether and when the band will penetrate other markets. A smartphone with at least Android 6.0 is required for setup and use.
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