Notes on the new Netflix feature “N-Plus”

Even if Netflix is ​​one of the oldest and most established streaming providers, the service still regularly adds new functions to its offering. Recent reports point to a handy new feature that would give users more say.

Netflix is ​​so far the undisputed leader in the highly competitive streaming market. Even if the competition takes a sustainable position, the top dog from the USA still manages to defend its supremacy. On the one hand, this is due to self-produced, high-quality and exclusive content. But also because Netflix never rests on its status and always tries to stay up to date in terms of technology and service. Current evidence suggests that Netflix is ​​testing a new function under the name “N-Plus” that gives users a much greater say in the development of films and series.

What is behind the Netflix feature “N-Plus”?

According to several US industry journals , Netflix is ​​developing an interesting new feature. There are indications of this, for example, in a current online survey by the streaming service. In it, Netflix users have already been asked about the new function called “N-Plus”. In the survey, which so far only included US users, it says, for example:

For some time now, Netflix has been producing a variety of content for in-house productions that allows a look behind the scenes. In the past, this was a supplementary making-of, podcasts or social media videos. Now the company seems to be considering bundling this content in a separate area. The survey specifically asked which additional content would be of interest to subscribers. You can also choose from a personal playlist and exclusive backstage insights, such as “The Witcher”.

Significantly greater say possible

Most interesting, however, seems to be the point in the Netflix survey that Netflix users with “N-Plus” could have a concrete say in the development of the content. The streaming provider seems to be planning to provide insights into current productions via “N-Plus”. Fans could then directly comment on the preproduction and provide feedback before filming is finished. A similar model is common in many major television productions. The first episodes can then already be seen on television and others respond directly to the audience’s reactions through time-shifted films . Amazon Prime Video has also done similar experiments in the past, for example with the series “The Man In The High Castle”.

If Netflix actually put these considerations into practice, that would be a real milestone. The concept could also be exciting for other streaming providers.

Personal playlists are also part of the “N-Plus” survey. This would allow you to save your own favorite series and films in a playlist and share them with other people or make them publicly visible. Those without a subscription can at least see trailers for the titles in the playlist.

Is “N-Plus” also coming to Germany?

The function has not yet been officially confirmed for any country. However, if the survey and the test, which is apparently already running, are positively received, an early start in the USA is very likely. Then Germany should soon follow suit. It is also not known whether there will be a surcharge, for example with TV Now or whether the offer will be integrated into the existing subscriptions. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON will keep you up to date on all new developments.

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