Update for Nintendo Switch fixes annoying bugs

Nintendo delivers updates for the Switch console at regular intervals. With the update to version 11.0.0, there was another major update at the beginning of December, which has some new features that users have been waiting for a while. But it also brought errors that Nintendo is now fixing.

It was only at the beginning of December that Nintendo introduced a whole range of innovations for the console with the Switch update to version 11.0.0. In addition, there were also minor errors that crept in. The Japanese company is now delivering another update that raises the switch to software version 11.0.1.

Nintendo fixes problems

After the last update from early December, Switch users complained that some games were not playing correctly. In addition, there were apparently problems with some televisions when users tried to play via TV mode – the picture was then not displayed. If you play with the GameCube controller, you may have had problems with the control sticks and the C stick.

Nintendo has eliminated all three errors with the current update. It is usually displayed automatically as soon as users start their Nintendo Switch. If this is not the case, Switch users can also search for the update in the system settings under “Console” and then “System update”.

Original message from December 1st :

The Nintendo Switch has received an update to software version 11.0.0. Nintendo is now delivering the update to the consoles. In addition to minor bug fixes, the firmware also brings some new functions. They not only include more profile pictures, but also changes in the photo and game download. In addition, the Nintendo online service is now more convenient to reach and players get an overview of what their friends are playing.

Update for Nintendo Switch: what’s new at a glance

Transfer photos to PC and smartphone

Anyone who has previously recorded their progress in a game or taken screenshots of certain scenes can now transfer them from the switch to other devices much more easily. So far, data transfer has required a Facebook or Twitter account. Or, players had to insert the Switch memory card into a PC and fetch the media from the appropriate folder. All three solutions were feasible, but cumbersome.

With the update for the Switch, Nintendo now allows photos and videos to be transferred directly to a PC or smartphone. Once players have selected the pictures and videos they want to transfer, proceed as follows: To transfer them to a mobile phone, scan the QR code that is shown on the switch’s display to pair the two devices. In this way, a maximum of 10 screenshots and one video can be transferred at once. Players can also connect the console to the PC via a USB cable and transfer the media directly.

Prioritize game downloads

If you frequently download games from the eShop, you may be familiar with the fact that the Switch usually does not first download the games that you really want to play. From now on, however, downloads and game updates can be prioritized. This means that the player can choose which game in the queue is downloaded first.

Easier access to Nintendo Online

Access to Switch Online is now easier with the update for the Switch. A new icon in the home menu gives players direct access to the service, giving them a quicker overview of the services, promotions and online games offered. You will also find various options for managing your online membership and can view your storage data in the cloud.

Automatic synchronization of the saved data

Let’s stay with the storage data cloud. Players have long been able to save their game progress in the cloud. If the console breaks or is lost, it can be restored on a new switch. If the player has connected several Nintendo Switches to his account, he can now automatically synchronize and download the data on all his devices on all devices – provided this is activated in the settings.

New profile pictures and button assignments

The Switch update brings a total of 12 new profile pictures that Nintendo released for the 35th birthday of Super Mario Bros. In addition, players can now rename their individually defined key assignments in order to better distinguish the individual keys

This is how the update comes to the switch console

Nintendo makes new firmware versions available over the Internet. Typically, the switch will automatically download these as soon as the console is turned on and connected. The update process then takes a few minutes and may require the switch to be restarted. If an update is not displayed automatically, users can search for it via the menu. In the system settings under “Console” and “System Update”, not only the current system version and available updates are displayed, the latter can also be initiated manually with just a few clicks.

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