New WhatsApp function can prevent video glitches

Some people know this: You want to send a video via WhatsApp, but only the clip is in focus. At best, the sound should be mute. So far this was not possible and could lead to one or the other audio glitch. But now WhatsApp has delivered a function that is supposed to prevent that.

In the current update for the Android version of WhatsApp, Messenger has introduced a new function. It can now be used to remove the sound when sharing videos. There is now a new mute symbol especially for this purpose. WhatsApp had already tested the muting of videos in a beta beforehand. Now the update will also be rolled out for regular users of the service. The first thing to do is Android, with the update coming in waves as always.

WhatsApp thus takes on a function that has been around on Instagram for a long time. Here, users can also mute the sound before posting their stories. The feature is particularly useful for films in which noises can be heard in the background, but which you do not want to publish and therefore want to hide. This can be, for example, conversations, screaming children or street noise. In this way, users can avoid embarrassing audio glitches in case of doubt.

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Mute videos on WhatsApp: Here’s how

The new WhatsApp function is hidden in the video editing mode. It starts automatically as soon as users want to upload a video from their gallery via the camera symbol in the chat. Here you can, for example, change the length of the clip or add comments and stickers. From now on there is also the mute button, with which the sound of the video can be switched off via WhatsApp.

Anyone who sends videos via WhatsApp can now also mute them

But there is also a small catch. Muting only works when uploading via the gallery, but not via the forwarding function in the chat or the direct sharing of a clip from the Internet. So if you want to send a forwarded or a third-party video without sound via WhatsApp, you must first save it in your gallery and then upload it using the camera symbol in the WhatsApp chat.

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