New WhatsApp function activates the voice messaging turbo

Facebook, the parent company of Messenger WhatsApp, has recently announced more design changes and new functions. Now a function is to be in the starting blocks that has an influence on the playback behavior of voice messages.

Voice messages on WhatsApp create mixed feelings. On the one hand, they are an effective means of conveying information. Are done quickly if you only have one hand free and cannot type entire sentences into your smartphone. On the other hand, these audio messages can also be perceived as very annoying if, for example, very long messages arise due to the speaking speed.

New button for speed

According to the WhatsApp insiders of ” WABetaInfo “, the messenger will soon be expanded to include a new function that allows users to change the playback speed of voice messages. There are three modes to choose from: normal (1x), one and a half times (1.5x) and double (2x) speed. WhatsApp tests this with a button below the voice messages that changes the playback behavior to the desired speed. The change is in the works for both Android and iOS.

Yesterday @WABetaInfo has announced that @WhatsApp was working on 3 different playback speeds for voice messages, on WhatsApp for Android.
Today the same screenshots are taken from WhatsApp for iOS.
The feature is under development.

More details:

— WABetaInfo (@WABetaInfo) March 19, 2021 “>

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Has been on the user’s wish list for a long time

WhatsApp still has around two billion monthly users despite increased criticism. Changing the playback speed has long been on the wish list for optimizing the messenger app. The advantages are obvious. Voice messages are not only used for private purposes, but also in a professional context. And since every user receives auditory information differently, a faster playback speed can be more pleasant for some.

Function already established with the competition

The function has long been established in the areas of podcasts and audio books. For example, the recording of a person speaking slowly can be played back more quickly. First and foremost, this saves time. With WhatsApp competitor Telegram, voice messages can also be played back at twice the speed.

It remains to be seen whether the Facebook developers can convince dissatisfied users with the new playback function. According to WABetaInfo, there is still no official release date for the new WhatsApp version.

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