New WhatsApp feature could be the first step towards multiple use

WhatsApp for Android or iOS does not yet offer any option to log out of Messenger. This means that users receive messages and calls even when they actually don’t want to. But that is exactly what the new log-out function for WhatsApp is supposed to change. It also paves the way for an equally long awaited feature.

So far, if WhatsApp users want to have their peace of mind, they have had to mute notifications. Calls and messages still arrive on the smartphone, but there is no longer any notification. However, you can only mute it for a set period of time – 8 hours, a week or forever. The solution is therefore not always ideal. WhatsApp does not offer a log-out function, as is known from many social media services – or rather not yet.

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WhatsApp log-out function is already in the test phase

With the update to beta version, Messenger introduces the new feature, according to ” WABetaInfo “. In the account area in the settings, users should then be able to access the WhatsApp log-out function. At the moment, the “Log-out” replaces the “Delete account” option there. In the official version, both options will probably be displayed in parallel. When exactly the official update will be available for all users is still unclear. However, the test phase shouldn’t last long.

WABetaInfo shows in a video how the WhatsApp log-out function is currently implemented:

Preparation for multi-device function

The WhatsApp log-out option is intended to offer far more than just the option to switch off messages for a certain period of time. Rather, the function serves as the basis for a much more important update. There have been reports for a long time that WhatsApp would like to make the messenger usable on several devices in parallel. The so-called multi-device function, or multi-device function, is already in progress.

According to WABetaInfo, the messenger works on two types of multiple use:

  • Multi-device with WhatsApp Web : Users can use WhatsApp Web without their smartphone being connected to the Internet.
  • Multi-device with other devices : Users can connect up to four different devices to their main WhatsApp account. However, the limit may still change in the future. The smartphone with the WhatsApp main account does not need an active internet connection here either.

The multi-device mode thus allows the parallel use of a WhatsApp account on several devices – for example on a smartphone and tablet, or on an Android mobile phone and an iPhone. It is also possible to briefly log into WhatsApp on a third-party device and check messages. This scenario is conceivable, for example, if your own device no longer has electricity or is not at hand. The said WhatsApp log-out function also plays a role here in order to securely log off again.

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