New Netflix feature launches worldwide on smart TVs

Are you overwhelmed by the Netflix offer? For these cases, the streaming provider has now introduced a new function that will be rolled out to all smart TVs worldwide with immediate effect.

“Play something” is the name of the new function that is now available on the TV via the Netflix app. As soon as customers start the app and the start screen appears with the various user accounts, they will find the button for the function under their respective profile icon. When clicked, Netflix will automatically play a movie, series, or documentary.

However, the random playback is not random. Rather, Netflix uses the algorithm running in the background to “play something”, which analyzes the viewing habits of the users. Many already know him from the “You might also be interested in this” section.

Tried “Play something” from Netflix

TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has already tried the “Play something” feature on Netflix. With a click of the button, the streaming provider suggested the series “Shadow of Bones”, which we had already considered for a video evening. When it comes to accuracy, there is a thumbs up for this. However, if users do not agree with the suggestion, they can scroll through other titles suggested for random playback by clicking on an arrow button on the edge of the screen.

In our quick test, Netflix only showed us series of five suggestions. Films and documentaries weren’t included, although we’ve been streaming a lot of documentaries on Netflix recently. It was also noticeable that many of the proposed series can currently be found in Netflix’s top 10. With “The Snake”, “The Gang from Baker Street” and “Snowpiercer”. But “The Walking Dead” was also included in the proposals. The latter series fits perfectly into our user profile, but with the other titles we asked ourselves whether Netflix would rather bring us closer to the already popular films and series via “Play something”.

Overall, the new Netflix feature found “Play something” successful. It’s easy to use and the suggestions go well with the titles we enjoy looking at. At this point in time, we cannot say whether this is a coincidence or is actually based on a precise analysis.

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New function was planned for a long time

The first plans for the new function were announced in January. At that time it was still on the net as “Shuffle Play”, TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reported . Some users could even try out the beta of the function in advance. Now it has made Netflix available to everyone under the name “Play something”, but initially only on TV sets. However, a version for the Android and iOS apps is still to follow.

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