New Netflix “Downloads for You” feature automatically downloads films and series

A new feature called “Downloads for You” is now available in the Netflix app for mobile devices. If it is activated, the app automatically downloads recommended films or series for users. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON presents the new function in more detail.

Netflix has been making recommendations based on the usage behavior of subscribers for a long time. For example, if you like to watch comedies and documentaries, the streaming provider suggests similar titles for viewing. Now the company is continuing this service. A new function is now available in the Netflix Android app with “Downloads for you”. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals what’s behind it.

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This is behind the Netflix function “Downloads for you”

As Netflix reports, “Downloads for you” builds on the Smart Downloads feature, which has been around for about three years. If Smart Downloads is enabled, Netflix will automatically download the next episode in a series as soon as users have finished watching the current episode. The prerequisite is that they are in a WLAN network. The previously watched episode is deleted at the same time, so that no additional storage space is used. This function allows users to continue watching their series on the go even if they do not have access to the Internet.

“Downloads for you” is also all about automatic downloads and the availability of titles in offline mode. The principle behind it, however, is different. Instead of the new episode of a series that has just been watched, the function automatically downloads films or series that have been selected based on previous user interests. Instead of just making suggestions for new titles, Netflix offers them for viewing with “Downloads for you” – even if users are currently offline. “We ensure that something new is always waiting to entertain and inspire you,” the streaming provider himself describes the feature.

So that the memory of the smartphone or tablet is not unnecessarily stressed, users can determine in the settings how much memory Netflix should reserve for the “Downloads for you” function. The reserved capacity is reserved exclusively for automatic downloads, not manually started downloads. According to the provider, 3 GB should be enough for around 12 hours of films and series. The automatic download takes place exclusively via WLAN.

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How to find the new feature in the Netflix app

Netflix is ​​rolling out the update with the new “Downloads for You” function now and worldwide for Android. As the update is gradual, it can take a while before it is available to all users. Owners of an iOS device have to be patient a little longer. Here Netflix would like to test “Downloads for you” first.

Here you can set up the new Netflix “Downloads for You” feature

In order for users to be able to try out the new function at all, they must first activate and set it up in the Netflix app. To do this, start the app on your Android device and select the appropriate user account if necessary. Then click on the third tab called “Downloads” at the bottom of the start page. In addition to Smart Downloads, Netflix users can now also find “Downloads for you” here. Clicking on the option allows you to activate it and reserve the appropriate storage space. A capacity of 1 GB to a maximum of 5 GB of memory can be selected.

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