New movies and series at Disney + in April

The streaming service Disney + mainly offers content from the Disney universe as well as the Marvel, Pixar and Star Wars series (Lucasfilm) that have since become part of it. The new “Star” offer, which shows content from 16 years of age, has also recently been included. The platform regularly expands its program with further films, series and seasons. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON lists the Disney + innovations for April 2021 here.

Disney + makes the full range of the Walt Disney Company available to its users. But there is not only a lot of content available for children, there is also a lot to stream for adults. In addition to the National Geographic novelties, the popular Star Wars universe and the superheroes from Marvel are also represented on Disney +. Also new since February 2021: The adult-oriented offer called “Star”. The streaming platform’s program is growing every month ; Because of Corona, Disney even released the first movies directly from its streaming provider . The novelties are always published weekly and are published on Friday in time for the weekend.

New on Disney + in April

New series and episodes

Not only do some new series start on Disney + in April, users can also expect new episodes of already started titles every week. The selection is very varied. While “A Teacher” is about boundaries and the consequences of crossing them, the animation series “Solar Opposites” is more fun.

We have marked the series restarts on Disney + in the table, but you will also find information on new episodes here, with some season finals coming up in April.

Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon – he a well-known choreographer and director, she a passionate dancer. The mini-series gives an insight into the private and business relationship between the two, which lasted over five decades. Sam Rockwell embodies Bob Fosse, who among other things created groundbreaking musicals in which Gwen Verdon, played by Michelle Williams, danced.

Solar Opposites (from April 9th)

Animation meets comedy, science fiction meets. In “Solar Opposites” a family of aliens flees to Central America in search of a better life. But soon the discussions begin as to whether life there or on your home planet is more pleasant.


Big Shot (from April 16)

Marvyn Korn is a college basketball coach with the NCAA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association. But when he is suddenly dismissed from his job, he has to accept a teaching and coaching job at an elite private school for girls. There he quickly learns that he has to deal with the teenagers very differently than with his previous men’s team. And that poses problems for Korn.


A Teacher (from April 23rd)

A high school in Texas gets a new teacher. Claire is beautiful and comparatively young – and all too tempting for one of her students. Football team captain Eric Walker asks Claire to help prepare for his final exam. With his relaxed and open manner, he soon turns Claire’s head. The two get closer and spend more and more time together – and soon cross some borders in the process.

New films

There is also a colorful mix of content for the new films on Disney + in April. Every week, users can expect a few new titles – from classics from the 1980s and 90s to newer films such as the comedy “Mädelstrip” or the documentary “Sea of ​​Shadows”, which is about the Vaquita, the smallest whale World, goes. It is critically endangered as Mexican cartels and the Chinese mafia capture it to get the swim bladder, also known as the “cocaine of the sea”.

Summer of Sam (from April 16)

In the summer of 1977, New York City was held in suspense by the “Son of Sam” murders. The police are looking for the perpetrator and soon Richie, a punk from the Bronx, is targeted. Although the real culprit, David Berkowitz, has already been arrested, Richie faces an angry mob.

New releases starting on Disney + in March

March 2021 had and has a lot to offer at Disney +. The reason for this is a real flood of new content in the new “Star” area. At the start in February, over 300 new series and films landed on the streaming provider. Disney + continued this trend. In March there are not only a few old classics like “The Beach”, “Hot Chick” or “Nur 60 seconds” on the program, but also some German premieres. These include Disney’s latest blockbuster “Raya and the Last Dragon”, which users with separate VIP access can view – like “Mulan” a few months ago – and the mini-series “Back Narcissus” with Gemma Arterton .

New series on Disney + in March


The Falcon and the Winter Soldier (from March 19)

After “WandaVision” it continues seamlessly in the new series universe of Marvel , which Disney + is just establishing. As indicated at the end of the cinema series (spoilers) with the handover of the Vibranium shield from Captain America to “The Falcon” aka Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie), “Cap” needs a legitimate successor. After all, he was one of the leaders of the Avengers. When it comes to this successor, there is also the “Winter Soldier” aka Bucky Barnes, Steve Rodgers’ best friend. A funny, action-packed new superhero series from the Marvel makers promises that he only gets along with Sam semi-splendidly.

New movies on Disney + in March


Raya and the last dragon (from March 5th)

Since the dragons sacrificed themselves 500 years ago to protect mankind from monsters known as “Druun”, they have been considered extinct. Now the Druun return and the warrior Raya is tasked with finding the last dragon and stopping the threat. The latest animation blockbuster from Disney can be seen directly at Disney +, but only with paid VIP access for 21.99 euros.


The Savage Sisters (from March 19)

Siblings Wendy (Laura Linney) and Jon Savage (Philip Seymour Hoffman) have not seen their father Lenny (Philip Bosco) in years. The relationship with him is broken. After the death of his partner, from whom he does not inherit anything, the care of the increasingly demented elderly falls to his two children. The special circumstances not only bring the three closer together as a family, but also help Wendy and Jon to bring order back into their lives.


Sideways (from March 26th)

Miles (Paul Giamatti) is a teacher, divorced and has been writing his novel for three years. Jack (Thomas Haden Church) is an actor, once had a small series role, kept his head above water shooting commercials and plans to marry his wealthy Armenian girlfriend. The two go on a week-long tour through a wine-growing region. There they meet Maya (Virginia Madsen) and Stephanie (Sandra Oh) and both begin to question their lives and their plans.

You can find the new content from Netflix , Amazon Prime Video , Joyn and Sky  via the linked articles.

Stream Disney +: Subscription prices and supported devices

In order to stream series and films on Disney +, users must take out a subscription. In contrast to many other streaming platforms, however, there is no trial access. Disney + offers two subscription options. On the one hand, customers can take out a monthly subscription for 6.99 euros each. On the other hand, you can take out an annual subscription for a one-time fee of 69.99 euros. Compared to the monthly billed subscription, you save almost 17 percent here.

With their account, subscribers can also stream on four devices at the same time. Some of the content is also available in 4K. Disney + runs on the Amazon Fire TV, Magenta TV-Stick and Apple TV, many Android TVs, TVs from LG and Samsung as well as in the browser and on the game consoles PlayStation and Xbox.

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