New Mobile Phone Tariffs from Vodafone under Review

From November 3, 2020, Vodafone will have new Red tariffs. The network operator has adjusted the included data volume and improved the GigaKombi. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has looked at the new mobile phone tariffs and the new combination offer in detail and reveals whether the booking is worthwhile.

Usually once a year, the major network operators Telekom, Vodafone and O2 reorganize their tariff division. The time has come at Vodafone at the beginning of November. The provider will not only offer its new Red tariffs, it will also introduce a new option with the “GigaKombi Unlimited”.

New Vodafone Red Tariffs from November 3rd

Much has changed with the new Red tariffs from Vodafone compared to the offers that have been booked up to now. With Red XS, Red S, Red M, Red L and Red XL, customers still have five mobile phone tariffs to choose from. The price of the cell phone tariffs is also the same as before. But there is one crucial point that Vodafone has improved: the data volume. New customers or tariff changers now receive more mobile data in the Red S, M and L tariffs.

So far, Vodafone has offered the Red XS, the smallest cell phone tariff in its portfolio, with 4 GB of data volume for 29.99 euros per month. This offer will continue to be available to customers on November 3rd even after the changeover. The same applies to the Unlimited Red XL tariff, which can only be booked via the Vodafone hotline. It offers unlimited data volume for 79.99 euros a month.

Vodafone, however, has adjusted the Red S, M and L tariffs. While 8 GB of data volume was previously included in the Red S as standard, this will increase to 10 GB from November 3rd. The price remains at 39.99 euros per month. In the Red M offer, new customers now receive 20 GB instead of the previous 16 GB at a price of 49.99 euros. With 8 GB more data volume, the Red L has the biggest increase. Here the included volume climbs from 32 GB to 40 GB. The offer still costs 59.99 euros per month.

All five Red tariffs from Vodafone have a minimum contract term of 24 months and include a flat rate for calls to all German networks and a flat rate for SMS and MMS. If available, customers can also use Vodafone’s 5G network. The maximum speed here is 1 GBit / s in the downstream. Thanks to EU roaming, the tariff services can also be used within the EU without additional costs or restrictions. Only with the Unlimited tariff is the data volume available abroad reduced to a maximum of 39 GB per month.

More Performance with Additional Cards Red +

With an optional Red + card, the data volume included in the Vodafone Red tariffs, the telephone, SMS and MMS flat rates can be shared with up to four other people. The option can be booked in the Vodafone Red, Young and Smart tariffs. For each additional SIM card, Vodafone has so far charged 20.99 euros per month for the Red + option. This price will drop to a whopping 20 euros from November 3rd. At the same time, the provider is increasing the additional data volume that is available when booking the option for the main contract and that all participants in the Red + group share. If there was previously an additional 3 GB data volume with Red +, this now increases to 10 GB per month. When booking Red + to Red M, users receive 30 GB of data volume per month.

Fixed network and mobile network bundle with Vodafone GigaKombi Unlimited

Vodafone offers its customers the option of combining their landline and mobile phone contracts. With the so-called GigaKombi, you save on the total monthly bill and receive additional data volume for your mobile phone tariff. Customers who combine a Red XS or Red S with a landline contract from Vodafone, for example, receive 50 percent more data volume. You then have 6 GB instead of 4 GB or 15 GB instead of 10 GB of data available. The previous GigaKombi advantages such as the 10 euro discount on the mobile phone bill will remain, according to Vodafone.

With the GigaKombi Unlimited, the provider will also be introducing a new version of its combined offer on November 3rd, which will be available to customers with the new Red M or Red L. It does not matter whether your landline connection (Red Internet & Phone) is implemented via cable, fiber optics or (V) DSL. Instead of just a few gigabytes more of data, the GigaKombi Unlimited gives you unlimited data volume (23 GB or 43 GB in other EU countries) and thus a real data flat rate. The price advantage on the total bill is also 10 euros.

According to Vodafone, existing customers can also use the GigaKombi Unlimited if they switch to the new Vodafone Red tariffs M or L from November.


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