New iPhone SE and new AirPods in April?

According to rumors, Apple is already planning new products in April: AirPods 3 and a new iPhone SE could probably already be in the starting blocks.

The information is based on the Japanese blog “ Mac Otakara ” , which in turn cites suppliers from China as a source. On the one hand, the wireless in-ear headphones should go into the next round and on the other hand, a new generation of Apple’s iPhone SE is planned.

Visually and technically, Apple entered new territory with the AirPods in 2016. At that time, a new trend was triggered, but the entry-level version also has its price for over 120 euros. The iPhone SE is basically an inexpensive alternative to Apple’s flagships, which also came onto the market for the first time in 2016. The iPhone SE 2020 corresponds to the iPhone 8 in terms of handiness, battery and basic functions. However, performance and camera are on par with the iPhone 11.

iPhone SE Plus could appear

It would be rather untypical for Apple to release a new iPhone from the SE range after just one year. After all, four years passed between the original iPhone SE from 2016 and the new edition from 2020. At its core, the iPhone SE is a device that looks and feels like the iPhone 8, but is equipped with more up-to-date hardware. There was already speculation last year that Apple could bring out an iPhone SE Plus model. This could have a larger display, but hardware adjustments would also be possible.

A successor for the AirPods is pending

Unfortunately, little is known about the planned AirPods at the moment. Apple insiders are currently not assuming a second Pro version. More likely, the third generation of Apple’s regular AirPods. Rumors are circulating about a spring release. Technically and optically, however, the new headphones should be more similar to the Pro version in terms of functionality and design. It remains to be seen whether the noise cancellation (ANC) will move from the Pro model to the Standard model.

How likely are the rumors?

Assessment of the iPhone SE rumor

In view of the past, an update of the iPhone SE seems rather unlikely. This step would by no means be ruled out. There is nothing to prevent Apple from taking a new direction here. An annual update of the SE series in spring parallel to the new iPhone in autumn would be quite conceivable. The period between the first and second generation of the iPhone SE seemed unusually long anyway.

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Assessment of the Apple AirPods rumor

Although Apple has just launched the AirPods Max (Over-Ears) on the market, nothing stands in the way of a new generation of the original AirPods. Not everyone likes the completely sealed Pro version and the current 2nd generation already has two years under its belt in April.

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