Netflix will soon bring new mode “Shuffle Play”

Thriller, sci-fi, action, comedy or romance – the range from leading streaming provider Netflix is ​​huge. Netflix wants to make the selection easier with “Shuffle Play” this year. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON clarifies what advantages this function has for users.

The larger the selection, the more difficult it is to make a decision. In addition to numerous films, various documentaries and series are also available in the online offer of the US provider. In this country alone, in addition to numerous series, over 1,400 films are accessible with a monthly subscription. It is often not easy for users to find the right title, because even with over 350 series, the online offer is increasingly diverse.

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“Shuffle Play” this year

According to the entertainment news portal ” Variety “, Netflix has confirmed the introduction of a new function: “Shuffle Play”. This allows subscribers to play a random track. The decision criteria for the automatic selection is the streaming behavior of the users. The algorithm registers in the background which films and series you watch and how often. He takes into account the genre, such as mystery thriller or science fiction, for the suggestions.

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Netflix’s “Shuffle Play” makes it easy to choose

Streaming has a special place in the current times. Because while cinemas and theaters remain closed, providers like Netflix bring entertainment into the living room. In addition to classics and well-known series, the streaming provider has a lot more up its sleeve. Foreign productions or less well-known publications are also available in this country, but they are often lost in the crowd. The “Shuffle Play” mode makes the selection easier by searching the library for possible tastes. The random mode can be activated by mouse or remote control and the rest happens completely automatically. Practice has yet to show how the mode deals with the preferences of the audience when it is first used.

The new mode can also be of interest to users who already know what they want. In this way, series, documentaries or films are discovered that remain undiscovered simply by scrolling. Since the function was announced in the middle of last year and it remained silent afterwards, the final integration into the streaming environment remains to be seen. However, there was an official confirmation from Netflix: The mode should be available by mid-2021.

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