Netflix price increase is now also reaching existing customers

Netflix is ​​still the most successful streaming provider worldwide. This is not least due to the good price-performance ratio. In January, however, the top dog raised the prices – at first only for new customers, but now the higher price is also reaching existing customers.

The streaming sector is steadily improving, recently also benefiting from the corona pandemic and the lockdowns in many places. The streaming of a wide range of films and series beautifies the time in their own four walls and provides plenty of variety. The American provider Netflix is ​​still ahead of the game despite increasing competition . In January, the platform then increased prices somewhat for a relatively short period of time.

Update: After the Netflix prices, which were introduced in January, were initially only valid for new customers, existing customers will now also receive a corresponding notification . The provider informs about the price increase both by email and by app. Users can only access the account again if they have agreed to the price increase.

Details on the price increase at Netflix

Netflix is ​​getting more expensive – but not for everyone. The base rate is excluded from the Netflix price increase; it will continue to cost 7.99 euros a month. This tariff includes streaming on one device, but neither in Ultra HD nor HD, but only in SD quality.

The other options, however, become more expensive for subscribers. The standard tariff will cost 12.99 instead of 11.99 euros per month in the future, the premium tariff will in future be 17.99 instead of 15.99 euros per month. The former enables streaming on two devices at the same time including HD quality. In the premium package, four people can stream in Ultra HD quality at the same time via one account.

When does the price increase apply?

The tariff changes came into force on Thursday (January 14th, 2021). New subscribers paid the increased prices directly. Existing customers with a standard or premium subscription will only feel the increase (see update above) in the coming months. The reason for this is that such an increase must be informed at least 30 days in advance in order to give the customer the opportunity to cancel.

The move to raise Netflix’s prices does not come as a complete surprise. Other streaming providers also raise their prices at regular intervals; The reason given is often an expansion of the offer and the quality assurance of the existing content. Only the short-term nature is a bit unusual. Just a few days earlier, Netflix announced that it would be adding a lot of new content this year – that could also have played a role.

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