Netflix is ​​canceling popular series and films in March

There are many reasons why Netflix is ​​withdrawing series and films. Often license agreements expire, and sometimes customers show too little interest in certain content. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals which series and films are about to disappear from Netflix.

If Netflix cuts its program, it is not just for reasons of space or popularity. The licenses for a title also play a large and usually much more important role. The streaming provider is obliged to remove content from its offer after the license purchased has expired. The process of new releases and discontinued titles ensures that there is always something new to discover at Netflix. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON lists the titles that are only available for a short time on Netflix. So if you are interested, you should be quick and take your last chance to see them before they are gone.

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Series and movies that Netflix is ​​about to cancel

Netflix adds more titles to the list from time to time. This means that the streaming provider could cancel more series and films in the course of the month.

Don’t worry, there are still enough films and series to watch. In addition, new content is constantly being added:Here you will find an overview of all the news on Netflix

Here’s how to find titles that are about to disappear on Netflix

If you would like to see for yourself which series and films Netflix is ​​about to cancel, you have two options. The first port of call is the streaming provider itself. If you have a particular film or series in mind that you would like to watch, you will find a note in the detailed descriptions if this title disappears from Netflix soon.

To do this, go to the Netflix desktop application and log in to the streaming provider with your access data. Now look for the corresponding title and go to “Details”. If the title is canceled within the next 30 days, you will now find the item “Availability until”.

The “Availability” column indicates whether a series or movie is about to disappear from Netflix

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Another option is the app called “WhatsOnFlix”, which is available free of charge for Android and iOS. It not only shows you which new titles are coming soon, it also reveals which titles Netflix is ​​canceling. Additional functions can be activated with paid premium access.

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