Netflix improves download functionality

Whether on the plane, on the train or in the park – if you want to watch films and series from a streaming provider where there is no or poor internet, you can download them. Netflix has now improved its download functionality.

Until now, users had to have a film or episode of a series fully loaded onto their smartphone or tablet in order to watch it. However, if you forgot to download it on time via Netflix and didn’t have enough time or data volume to complete it before the flight or a long drive, you literally looked into the tube. That is changing now.

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No more waiting for long downloads

Titles that have not been fully downloaded have so far remained in the download list of the Netflix app without the corresponding “Play” button. They could therefore not be viewed. From now on, however, the streaming provider allows films and series to be started even if the download has not yet been completed. They can be streamed up to the point where they were downloaded. As soon as users are connected to the Internet again, Netflix will automatically resume the download.

Even partially downloaded Netflix content can now be viewed

The function is now available to all Android users. Netflix would also like to introduce it for iOS over the coming months. However, the streaming provider will carry out tests beforehand.

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Netflix improves download functionality again

The ability to view only partially downloaded content is just one of the innovations that Netflix has introduced in its download area in recent months. In February 2021, for example, the streaming provider launched the “Downloads for you” option, when activated, the app automatically downloads films or series recommended for the user. It thus builds on the smart download that has been around for some time.

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