Nasty sex Trojans target Android users

Trojans keep getting onto Android smartphones via porn sites and apps. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON explains the dangerous meshes and reveals how you can protect yourself.

Android users worldwide can be targeted by fraudsters who want to infect their smartphone with malware. This threatens not only to damage the device, but also to your wallet. Many of the malicious programs land on users’ devices via porn sites and apps . That was the company Kaspersky out some time ago. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON warns you about the three most common types of malware and offers tips on how not to fall for them!

Trap 1: the clicker trojan

The most popular type of scammers to lead their victims on the black ice are so-called clickers, they make up almost half of the porn malware on Android devices. Porn clicker Trojans hide in fake apps or on mobile porn sites. Once installed on the smartphone, they open porn sites hidden in the browser and generate income by secretly clicking on advertisements.

Clicker victims do not always suffer direct financial damage. This only happens if the programs concurrently conclude paid subscriptions. However, covert viewing of advertisements also has a negative effect: the consequences are much higher data consumption and a drop in battery power.

In order not to fall for the trick, you should be careful not to accidentally select a Trojan with the same appearance when downloading popular apps. A significant indication of the correct application is the number of ratings and download numbers. These run into the thousands for popular apps that people love to copy. Fake applications, on the other hand, have hardly any user interactions in the App Store.

Trap 2: bankers and ransomware

So-called bankers also usually spread via porn sites, while ransomware mostly disguises itself as a porn app in the store. They too fall into the Trojans category.

The consequences for the victims are usually serious. There is a threat not only of unauthorized access to your own bank details, but also of blackmail. Ransomware freezes the screen and informs the user via a window that illegal files have been found on their smartphone. The false message is supposed to give the impression that it comes from an authority. In order to activate the device again and not have to fear any further legal consequences, the victim is asked to pay a fine of several hundred euros. The best-known case in Germany a few years ago was the so-called federal Trojan, which threatened criminal prosecution by the federal police if 100 euros were not paid.

Also applies to protection: Be careful when downloading the app! Since the malware mostly pretends to be a well-known porn app, the following also applies here: Check ratings and download numbers!

Trap 3: Rooting Malware

Here, too, one wrong click is enough and the program is installed on the smartphone. The application then roots the phone – in other words, it gains unlimited access to the file system and passwords. In addition, she can also install other programs herself.

Once installed on the device, this form of malware can hardly be uninstalled. Therefore, caution is advised in advance.

This is how you protect yourself against nasty malware and Trojans

All three traps have one thing in common: one wrong click on the smartphone is enough to catch the malware. therefore summarize three more important tips:

  1. Don’t fall for fake apps that copy the looks and names of popular programs. Always check the number of ratings and downloads!
  2. Refrain from downloading porn apps. There are hardly any serious apps in this area. Erotic offers work classically via websites and are very successful. They therefore don’t even offer apps. Downloading such programs is too dangerous.
  3. Do not download anything from porn sites! One should generally refrain from doing that. Malware can hide behind supposed video downloads, which then end up on the smartphone.

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