Modern Warfare: Hitbox change depending on skill? CoD fan discovered unbelievable

According to a Call of Duty Modern Warfare player, the size of the hitbox should change depending on the skill of the player. He also discovered an incredible patent from Activision.

  • Call of Duty is currently facing heavy criticism over the issue of skill-based matchmaking . (All Call of Duty News )
  • Many fans of the series complain about the system and ask for more settings for the lobby search.
  • YouTuber has now made further assumptions that matchmaking will even be decided based on the amount of microtransactions purchased .

Berlin, Germany – Before Call of Duty : Black Ops Cold War comes out next month , fans are screaming for skill-based matchmaking again. While the beta for the latest offshoot of the CoD series is still running, many are upset that Activision is apparently tightening the SBMM screw again . Matchmaking is already a big problem for many in Modern Warfare , but a YouTuber on Twitter has now uncovered completely new dimensions for the SBMM .

Release (date of first publication) October 24, 2019
Publisher Activision
series Call of Duty
platform PS4, Xbox One, PC
developer Infinity Ward
genre Ego shooter

Modern Warfare: YouTuber denounces matchmaking

The skill of a player affects apparently not only on matchmaking from, it makes it even harder to hit. This is what the German YouTuber Haptic currently claims on Twitter . The longtime Call of Duty gamer and content creator writes in a series of tweets that in Modern Warfare, the matchmaking system shrinks a player’s hit box the better they play. Conversely, the hitbox would increase if you played worse. If that were true, that would be bad enough, but Haptic goes even further.

The Call of Duty Youtuber Haptic has rummaged through the American patent office and found a patent from Activision from 2019. This patent states that players who buy a lot of COD-Points would be preferred in matchmaking . So if you spend more money on the game, you will be rewarded with a better gaming experience. In addition, players should be encouraged to make further purchases by coming into a session after buying a weapon in which this weapon works particularly well. This is supposed to make you feel like more purchases bring in more good gameplay.

Modern Warfare: Shitstorm among fans breaks out on Twitter

The measures specified in the patent are intended to reward buyers, while non-buyers have to reckon with disadvantages in the game. Microtransactions would have a huge impact on the quality of the gaming experience. Loot boxes are also appearing in Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War . For many fans this is an absolute disaster and the tweets of haptic it hails Hate and calls for a boycott of Black Ops Cold War .

his week, in preparation for the release of the latest Call of Duty part , there is still an Open Beta, in which anyone can try the game before it is released. Black Ops Cold War will be released on November 13th , but it remains to be seen whether the game will catch up with players after so much criticism . At least a new update for Modern Warfare has compressed the game’s insane memory size a bit by allowing the single player campaign to be uninstalled separately.

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