Microsoft is deleting Flash Player from Windows laptops with Update

Adobe Flash has always been plagued by security problems and used less and less. Now the tool disappears for good.

Flash Player has been a thing of the past since December 31, 2020. Browsers and operating systems now block Flash content and the program no longer receives updates. If you still have Flash Player installed on your laptop, you should change that as soon as possible. Because the program is a gateway for malware – all the more now that there is no longer any software support. That’s why Microsoft is taking matters into its own hands. For July, the company is planning a mandatory Windows update that will automatically remove the remains of the Flash Player.

Windows update to remove Flash Player

The update with the designation KB4577586 has been available since October 2020. But now Microsoft has announced on its blog that it will be installed automatically in July 2021 as part of a cumulative update. The Windows update “to remove Flash Player” only affects the components of the program that are part of the Windows operating system itself. Those who installed Flash Player manually will have to delete the program themselves. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has a guide on how to do this. The Windows update also removes all “APIs, group policies and interfaces” for controlling Flash Player from legacy mode in Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer 11.

Windows version 8.1, Server 2012 and Embedded 8 Standard also receive the update in the form of a cumulative update for Internet Explorer 11 or as a monthly update.

The latest Windows 10 version 2H21, which is due to appear this May, also removes the program from the operating system. However, users can already download the update from Microsoft’s update catalog . Once installed, Flash Player can no longer be removed.

Experience a piece of Flash history

Flash games, animations, and videos have been very common and popular for a while. Some still remember sites like Miniclip and Newsgrounds where you could spend a lot of time. But don’t worry, a lot of well-known Flash content is freely available in the ” Internet Archive “. The archive has made many backups to preserve this part of Internet history. Of course, no Flash Player is required for this, the content is played safely and completely Flash-free by an emulator.

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