Make deleted WhatsApp messages visible again

Deleted WhatsApp messages are not lost forever. There are even several ways in which both sender and recipient can still access the text that has already been removed. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON shows how it’s done!

Hitting the send button too early, discovering embarrassing autocorrection errors or writing in the wrong chat – the reasons for deleting a WhatsApp message can be many. Since 2017, the messenger has offered its users the option of removing messages that have already been sent from the message history. However, that does not mean that the message is gone forever and forever. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON shows you how to access a message even after it has been deleted.

Deleted WhatsApp messages are not gone for good

For several years now, WhatsApp users have had the option of removing messages from the chat history by selecting the relevant message with a long tap and then clicking on the “Delete” symbol in the option bar that appears above. Then you can choose whether you want to delete the message just for yourself or for everyone. Instead of the text that was sent, it says: “You have deleted this message”. You can permanently remove this display from your own history by repeating the deletion process. But be careful – the recipient will still see that you have deleted a message for them.

However, for security reasons, WhatsApp does not permanently remove these messages. Rather, the messenger logs and saves them. In principle, the message is not deleted at all, it is simply no longer visible. However, it is still fully available in the chat log.

Make deleted WhatsApp messages visible again

Option 1: Show messages in the quote

In certain situations, deleted messages can still be viewed. This is also the first opportunity to look at them again after deleting them. If a person has quoted the removed text in the chat, the quotation is still visible to everyone in the chat, even if this no longer applies to the original message. This is because, in the event of a quotation, the message is actually copied and reinserted as a separate message from the person quoting it.

Option 2: Use the app to restore

Apps like Notification History Log , which create their own logs, can best help with reading messages that have already been deleted. However, these usually have to be installed in advance – after the deletion process, it is too late because the applications only record from the time they are installed. However, you should be aware that you must grant the apps full access to your WhatsApp account.

Install the app and allow it to access WhatsApp. You can see all incoming notifications under the “Advanced History” tab. Go to the WhatsApp notification and then to the deleted message. The notification about the deletion of the text, which can also be seen in the usual chat, now also includes the original message.

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Option 3: Notification log about developer options

Another possibility is allegedly offered by the notification log in the developer options . To do this, you should open the settings of your smartphone and activate the developer mode by tapping on “Build number” several times. Depending on the device and operating system, you can find the “build number” in different ways. Often it is in the software information under the tab “Telephone info” / “About the phone”.

After activation by tapping the build number seven times, you must return to the home screen. Find a free area and then select the “Settings” widget. Drag the widget onto the home screen and a menu with options will open. Select the item “Notification protocol”, which is then stored on the home screen. The log keeps track of everything that was displayed as a message in the notification bar, including a preview of WhatsApp messages.

Developer trick not confirmed

However, this “cheat” does not work on all devices ex works: The widget is not integrated at all on Samsung smartphones, for example. Apps such as Notification Saver could help , with which you can create a log on devices from the Korean manufacturer.

The TECHNOLOGY BUTTON editorial team tested this option on two Android smartphones from different manufacturers (Samsung and OnePlus). At least with our two devices, this option described by several other portals did not work. The content of messages that were subsequently deleted on WhatsApp is also deleted from the notification log.

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