Magenta with receiver update and price increase for Disney + option

Disney + is turning the price screw due to the expanded offer. This also affects customers who have subscribed to Deutsche Telekom. There is also an innovation in the media receiver.

Disney + is increasing its prices in the next few weeks, more precisely on February 23. This is due to the new offer that the streaming service will provide from then on: Disney + Star . This includes titles that are intended for older viewers than the usual Disney family audience. The price increase also affects customers who came to the provider via the Telekom Magenta option, but to a different extent. There is a technical innovation that many have wanted for a long time.

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Price increase for Disney + in Telekom tariff

If you take out a regular subscription to Disney +, you have previously paid 6.99 euros per month and 69.99 euros per year (this is then 5.83 euros per month). With the new Star category, the provider is refreshing its program powerfully. Well-known series such as “How I Met Your Mother” and “Lost” and films such as the “Die Hard” series can then be streamed in the future. But the subscription is more expensive from the Star launch on February 23rd. The monthly tariff will then be 8.99 euros and the annual option 89.90 euros (7.49 euros). For new customers the price applies immediately, existing customers only with the first invoice after 08/22/2021.

Exclusive partnership: Telekom secures Disney +

In Germany, Telekom was a partner of Disney + almost from the start. Magenta customers were given the opportunity to stream exclusive content from Disney + such as the successful series “The Mandalorian” via their account for a surcharge of 5.99 euros. This offer will continue to exist, but Magenta users will also have to pay a little more in the future – two euros to be precise. Telekom reported this to the Golem portal . The price increase is the same as in the regular tariff. In the end, users of this offer still pay less than regular subscribers, namely 7.99 euros from the end of February.

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Disney + now also for magenta receivers

But there is also good news. Magenta users have previously been able to book the paid Disney + option and then stream the content – via the browser, smartphone app and other suitable end devices. What wasn’t possible, however, was streaming Disney + over the Magenta receiver. Although Telekom announced early in 2020 that it was working on a corresponding app solution, nothing has happened in this regard so far. The linear channel, which broadcasts Disney + content that changes daily, was able to intercept this in part.

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