Keep bank cards away from the back of the iPhone 12!

The MagSafe induction charger is actually one of the pluses of the iPhone 12. But it also has a disadvantage: it can damage EC or credit cards. What users should therefore pay attention to.

One of the new features of the iPhone 12 series is MagSafe. This is a magnetic connector that Apple already used on the magnetic MacBook charging cables. The new iPhone 12 also supports charging the battery via a magnetic solution. Here, however, it is implemented a little differently. The new Apple cell phones have three small bar magnets hidden behind their back cover. These are there to dock the optionally available, puck-shaped induction charger MagSafe quickly, conveniently and optimally on the back of the phone.

MagSafe can damage magnetic strips on bank cards

The magnets are small, but quite strong. What is good for securely docking accessories is less of a benefit for users who keep bank cards with their iPhone. Because of the strong magnets, Apple advises as a precaution that it is better not to store bank and credit cards with magnetic strips, access and security IDs as well as passports and key fobs with RFID chips close to the iPhone 12.

Apple says exactly: “There must be no credit cards, security IDs, passports or key fobs between the iPhone and the MagSafe charger, as their magnetic strips or RFID chips could be damaged. “

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