Kanye interrupts Taylor Swift

Zoff among celebrities: There has been a dispute between Taylor Swift and Kanye West for over a decade. Swift has now released alleged evidence that she would never have consented to being insulted in any of West’s songs.

The ongoing dispute between US singer Taylor Swift (30) on the one hand and rapper Kanye West (42) and his wife Kim Kardashian (39) on the other has gone into the next round. The reason is still West’s hit “Famous” from 2016. In it he describes Swift as a “slut”. He allegedly wants her approval for this before it is published. Swift denies that.

A video that has now emerged, the authenticity of which has not yet been confirmed, is said to show the entire telephone conversation that West and Swift should have conducted before the song was released. It shows “that I’ve been telling the truth all along,” wrote Swift in an Instagram story – and then urged her fans to donate money to fight the Corona crisis.

kanye interrupts taylor swift

Kim Kardashian defended herself on behalf of her husband on Twitter: “Taylor Swift has decided to revive an old argument – that feels very selfish in these times, given what millions of real victims are now facing.”

The dispute between West and Swift has been simmering since 2009, when he suddenly interrupted her at the MTV Video Music Awards ceremony – to interject that he would have considered singer Beyoncé a better winner. With the release of “Famous” the dispute increased significantly in intensity.

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