Is the 40-inch TV worth 199 euros from the discounter?

From Thursday, March 11th, Aldi Nord will again be offering a cheap 40-inch television. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON checks whether the device is worth the money.

The Medion Life E14040 is not the first time Aldi is offering it. The device was already available for less than 200 euros last year. Even so, the TV does better this time around – for good reason.

Compact TV without any smart features

The 40-inch TV is available exclusively in the Aldi Nord online shop. The panel does have full HD resolution, but there are no smart functions at all. That means there are no apps for Netflix, Prime Video, YouTube and the like. After all, the smart TV functions can be retrofitted cheaply with an Amazon Fire TV or a Google Chromecast.

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Unfortunately, despite its higher resolution, the screen cannot literally shine. Because with only 200 nits of maximum brightness, the panel is pretty dark. The static contrast ratio of 5000: 1 is much better than that of other Aldi televisions.

As befits a current television set, the Medion Life E14040 has a triple tuner that covers the three major types of reception in Germany. The TV can reproduce the modern H.265 codec (HEVC) and there is also a CI + interface for encrypted channels. Unfortunately, only a single USB port is installed, so if you want to connect more than one USB stick for media playback, you will not be lucky here. After all, there are three HDMI ports and even a Scart and a VGA connection. There is also a 3.5 mm jack for audio in and headphone out (a 3.5 mm to cinch adapter is included) and an optical audio output (SPDIF). Two 8-watt stereo speakers are built into the housing.

Looking for a bigger device? At the moment there is also an 82-inch television on offer at “Aldi Liefer”. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON has also checked the offer for you: 82-inch giant TV from Medion under review .


The Medion Life E14040 was already available last year with a VAT reduction for 193 euros. Now the device costs a little more at 199 euros. Still, it’s a solid offer. Because comparable devices with full HD resolution and H.265 support cost 50 euros more – it is hardly cheaper than the Aldi offer . However, if you want to have Netflix, Prime Video and other apps on TV right away, you should spend around 60 to 70 euros more and get a 40-inch smart TV right away.

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