iPhones that shouldn’t get an update to iOS 15

Little is known about the upcoming iOS version 15. But it is already becoming apparent which iPhones that are currently still supported could no longer see the update.

Apple usually announces new iOS versions in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). The first beta version for developers will be made available shortly afterwards. The public beta will follow a few weeks later. After a test phase lasting several months, Apple will publish the finished iOS version in the fall. In the past, the update was released with the new iPhone models. In 2020, Apple introduced iOS 14 a month before the new iPhones. It is therefore unclear whether iOS 15 will appear together with the iPhone 13 series.

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List of iPhones expected to get iOS 15


Apple is known for years of software support, and iPhones receive iOS updates for around four to five years. Newer iPhone models get the update to iOS 15 anyway, but the case of the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is more interesting. The models came onto the market in September 2016 with iOS 10.0.1. They will therefore reach the five-year mark in September 2021. Still, it is relatively likely that you will still see the update to iOS 15. After all, the two predecessors iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 also received updates for about five years. The even older iPhone 5s was almost six years old.

List of iPhones Probably Not Getting iOS 15

model Original iOS version Release date Support duration
iPhone SE (1st generation) iOS 9.3 March 31, 2016 58 months
iPhone 6s and 6s Plus iOS 9.0.1 September 25, 2015 64 months


With the update to iOS 14, the iPhone 6s from 2015 received software support for more than five years. That is remarkable, because the previous iPhone 6 only saw iOS 12. The original iPhone SE is now also scratching the five-year mark. The iPhone 6s started with iOS 9.0.1, the iPhone SE (1st generation) with iOS 9.3. The Apple A9 chip can be found in both. So it is the wobbly candidates in terms of the update to iOS 15.

However, there is still hope, after all, Apple will decide individually which iPhone is still able to handle a new iOS update. iOS 14 still runs perfectly even on the iPhone 6s hardware, which is almost five years old. If everything runs smoothly, nothing stands in the way of the update, as Apple has proven with the iPhone 5s. The device received iOS updates for a full five years and eleven months – longer than any other iPhone.

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