iOS 14 saves personal data even after apps are deleted

You might think that when you delete an app, the personal data associated with it disappears from the iPhone. A discussion on Reddit reveals that this is not the case.

App data remains on the iPhone after deletion

We already know that iOS stores app data in the cloud. This makes it possible to synchronize data between multiple devices such as iPhone, iPad and Mac. Actually, this transfer can be switched off in the iCloud settings. Now a forum member has published a post on Reddit that shows that iOS continues to collect app data. And it continues to save it even after you uninstall an app.

When uninstalling and reinstalling, the member noticed that the apps did not require login data or anything like that. Even passwords and other information were entered automatically. Usually, the iCloud Keychain does this. However, this requires an internet connection. In this case, however, the data was not synced with the iCloud. iOS also saves iCloud data locally. Only after doing a factory reset will the data also disappear from the iPhone.

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Saving personal data is a practice

Apple is not alone in storing app data locally. Even after removing an app, Windows and Android still save a lot of the data it contains. The systems retain the data so that users can easily reinstall apps. Without having to enter your login information every time.

In the post, the member compares this practice as a “super cookie” that cannot be got rid of. So far there are no indications that the data could leak out. Nevertheless, it offers a potential target for tracking and hacker attacks. It would therefore be desirable if users could decide for themselves whether they want to delete the app and login data after uninstalling an app.

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