iOS 14.7 – What’s new and the start date of the iPhone update

It is more and more common for Apple to submit updates for new iOS versions. The first beta of iOS 15 should start next week at WWDC21. At the same time, the company is still working on iOS 14.7.

It used to be the case that new iOS versions only received additional updates occasionally. Often there were simple security or bug fixes behind this. In recent years, however, Apple has switched to submitting additional functions as updates after the major version jump. Most recently, we got iOS 14.6, which enables paid subscriptions for Apple Podcasts, for example. The next update in the form of iOS beta 14.7 is now ready.

iOS 14.7 in beta test

On May 19, Apple made the beta version of iOS 14.7 available to developers. Although TECHNOLOGY BUTTON does not have a developer account with Apple, we were able to install the update and try it out. Usually like other beta testers, we have to wait for the public beta – did the company accidentally make iOS 14.7 available to everyone too early?

However, the description on the update page is a bit poor. Apple only writes that the new version contains bug fixes and improvements. If you click on “More info …”, only a completely blank page appears. The last point of contact for more information about the update is the support page . But even there, the release note only says: “There are no new release notes for this beta software update.”

In order to find the changes, you have to look very carefully under the hood. YouTuber Aaron Zollo from ” Zollotech ” noticed two innovations that we can confirm.

  1. Apparently iOS 14.7 Beta currently has an older firmware version than iOS 14.6. The iPhone 12 modem runs on iOS 14.6 with version 1.71.01. Under iOS 14.7 Beta, the modem shows firmware version 1.70.03
  2. System administrators now have the option of preventing AirTags from being added. This can affect those who have an iPhone as a company device. If adding is blocked, you will receive a message when setting up an AirTag that the device management settings do not allow this function.

The update was 424.1 megabytes in size on our iPhone 12. The size depends on which iOS version is currently installed.

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When will Apple release the update to iOS 14.7?

It’s been two weeks since Apple released iOS 14.7 as a beta. Beta 2 should appear later this week. An exact release date has not yet been determined.

On June 7th, just in time for Apple’s developer conference WWDC21, the first beta version of iOS 15 should start. The finished version of iOS 14.7 will therefore probably not appear until later.

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