iOS 14.2 – more than 100 emojis and many other new features

iOS 14.2 is the first update for the new iPhone 12 series. But the update is also available for older iPhones up to the 6s and contains a whole host of minor improvements.

Music playback generously outdated

In iOS 14.2 there is a new interface for music playback and AirPlay control in the control center. When you click the button, a larger album cover appears, as well as a small symbol at the bottom of the cover that shows the source from which the music is being played (e.g. Spotify, Audible, Apple Music).

iOS 14.2 new music interface The cover is now larger and a small icon shows the playback source

Control playback in other rooms

AirPlay itself also got a major innovation. If you open the AirPlay overview from music playback, the various playback devices (HomePod, Apple TV, etc.) now appear in an overview. On the devices in other rooms, users can control music independently of the playback on the iPhone.

Music and podcast suggestions

If nothing is currently playing, the interface also shows suggestions and the sources from which the suggestions originate. The same overview of suggestions also appears on the lock screen in iOS 14.2. Here the cover is also bigger and shows the playback source. Underneath, the volume control has also got a larger button, which makes it easier to set the playback volume up or down.

Song recognition via Shazam

There is now also an optional Shazam function in the control center. If you click on it when music is playing somewhere, Shazam will automatically recognize the song. This is a little less noticeable than asking Siri about it. On the webpage that Shazam opens, there is a direct link to the song on Apple Music.

iOS 14.2 gives direct access to Shazam

New wallpapers

There are eight new screen backgrounds that differ significantly from the previous Apple wallpapers. The backgrounds show real-looking and drawn landscapes, including dark variants for dark mode. In the darkened versions, you can appropriately see a dark sky and stars.

The new wallpapers with light and dark versions

100+ new emojis in iOS 14.2

In the middle of the year, Apple gave a first look at the new emojis. IOS 14.2 now includes more than 100 new emojis. These include dodos, matryoshka dolls, boomerang, pointed hand gestures, smiling face with tear and a smiley face with a face mask that is now smiling.

Left the old emojis with face mask, right the new one

Optimized charging for AirPods

The AirPods can now also charge optimized

iPhone and HomePods as an intercom

IOS 14.2 now also features the new intercom function that Apple introduced with the HomePod mini at the iPhone event in October. There is now a new button in the top right of the Home app that enables communication between HomePods in your own home. This allows family members to chat in different rooms. The function can also be accessed via Siri.

Fixed update bug

The release candidate version of iOS 14.2 eliminates an annoying bug that testers of the iOS 14.2 beta saw every time the iPhone was unlocked. A pop-up message appeared indicating that a new iOS update was available, although nothing of the kind could be found in the settings.

This annoying warning appeared every time when unlocking

Conclusion: The download is worth it

The many small improvements and bug fixes make iOS 14.2 recommendable. When testing the update, TECHNOLOGY BUTTON did not encounter any bugs or problems so far. So if you want to enjoy the new functions or simply want to try out the new wallpapers, you can download iOS 14.2 with a clear conscience.

The iOS 14.2 release candidate is currently only available to beta testers and developers. The update should be distributed to all compatible iPhones (from iPhone 6s) shortly.


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