How to share your WiFi password via iPhone

Who doesn’t know it: friends are visiting and ask directly for the WiFi password. Just stupid that it is on the router and the same in the other corner of the room. But in iOS there is a function thanks to which you can share the password with others at the touch of a button.

Although the function of sharing the WiFi password via iPhone has been around since iOS 11, it has passed many Apple users by. As soon as someone tries to log into your WLAN with their Apple device, you will receive a request on your own device and can simply confirm it. Entering long WiFi passwords is no longer necessary. As convenient as the function is, it also has a catch that you should definitely be aware of.

How to share WiFi password via iPhone

WLAN sharing via the iPhone does not only work with your own WLAN, but with every WLAN network for which you have the access data! And this is how you enable network access for others:

Step 1: Turn on Bluetooth

First activate Bluetooth in the control center on your device; the person who wants to receive the password must also activate Bluetooth.

Step 2: Store Apple ID in contacts

Make sure that your Apple ID is stored in the inquirer’s contacts. As a rule, the person making the request has already saved your phone number. Your email address can also be added to this contact. For some contacts, the ID is already stored by default.

Step 3: Stay in your own WLAN

To be able to share the WiFi password via the iPhone, you must be logged into the same WiFi network.

Step 4: Request WiFi password

The person who wants to log into the WLAN goes to the WLAN settings and selects the network.

Step 5: Confirm the request

Now you have to have unlocked your smartphone and just confirm the request – the password is shared.

The catch in the function

As already mentioned, sharing the WiFi password via iPhone is possible for anyone who is logged into the network. So you have to be aware that every iPhone user who has saved your WiFi password on his device can also share it in this way, provided he is in your WiFi with the stranger. You cannot defend yourself against it. We therefore recommend that you assign a new password every few months.

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