Honor smartphones should get Google apps again

At the end of last year, it became known that Huawei was selling its Honor smartphone brand. Honor can thus act independently of the former parent company. The sale is also an opportunity for Honor to do business with Google again. Corresponding negotiations are therefore already underway.

In May 2019, the government of former US President Donald Trump blacklisted Huawei and thus its Honor brand. Since then, US companies have no longer been allowed to do business with the Chinese, for example Google has not been allowed to issue licenses to Huawei and Honor. This in turn meant that smartphones had to get by without Google apps. Sales of the models in Europe then fell sharply. With the decoupling from Huawei , Honor now has a chance to revive business with Google. And the company takes advantage of this opportunity.

Honor urgently needs the Google apps

In an interview with the ” South China Morning Post “, Honor boss George Zhao confirmed that the manufacturer is already in talks with Google. Both companies want to clarify how their business relationships could look in the future. An important point are the licenses and thus the possibility for Honor to install Google apps on its smartphones. So far, the manufacturer has been using the Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) developed by Huawei.

In Europe, however, the smartphones with HMS hardly found sales. Hardly anyone wanted to buy the technically excellent devices as long as they couldn’t access Google applications there. Hardly any Android user would want to do without apps like the Play Store, Google Maps and Mail as well as YouTube. An agreement with Google is therefore crucial for Honor in order to be able to continue to be present on the European smartphone market. Whether the Honor V40 5G, which was recently released in China, will already be delivered with Google apps when it is expected to be launched in Germany is currently still in the stars. Because the negotiations could drag on for a while.

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There is good news too

The relationship with other large US companies shows that the decoupling from Huawei has already brought Honor an advantage. Because even before Google, Honor Zhao had talks with partners like Qualcomm, Intel, AMD and Microsoft and renewed the partnerships with them. The manufacturer needs them in order to continue to manufacture important components such as chips, memory modules and the like and to be able to use technologies licensed by them.

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