High-tech face mask against corona virus

The US computer accessories manufacturer Razer is presenting a self-cleaning face mask with an intercom and RGB lighting at this year’s Virtual Consumer Electronics Show (CES). Developed under the project name “Hazel”, the reusable N95 mask is intended to make a technically skilled contribution to combating the corona pandemic.

The tech manufacturer from California made a contribution to containing the corona virus last year. The company also produced disposable masks and donated mouth and nose protection to the public. With the prototype of the “Project Hazel” this time, Razer has presented a transparent face protection with interchangeable filters and technical features.

Razer’s “Project Hazel”

The face mask, made of recyclable plastic, is equipped with exchangeable and removable air filters. Manufacturer Razer relies on complete transparency so as not to restrict facial expressions in a social context. People with hearing impaired characteristics should therefore have no problems with lip reading.

So-called smart pods regulate breathability and prevent the inside from fogging up. The manufacturer states a bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) of 95 percent . This value meets the US N95 standard, which is roughly comparable to the European FFP2 standard.

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Speaker and RGB

Microphones and loudspeakers are built into the filters, which amplify the voice to the outside world. The function is intended to help ensure that the voice is clearly understood and not muffled by the mask. To do this, Razer worked with the audio experts at THX.

As with other products from Razer, such as gaming mice or gaming notebooks, the face mask also uses RGB lighting. The built-in play of colors based on LEDs should activate automatically in the dark and improve the representation of the facial contours. RGB chroma lighting with over 16.8 million is arranged in a ring around the speakers and can be controlled via an app.

Manufacturer Razer also supplies a disinfection station with the associated storage box. Viruses and bacteria are killed with the help of ultraviolet light, so the face mask is disinfected directly in its stowed form.

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