Hidden iPhone letter might shock you

If you buy or sell an iPhone privately, you have to pay attention to many things. In addition to its condition, a secret letter reveals a lot about the value of your smartphone.

Amazon or the mobile phone shop with used devices – Apple products are available everywhere. Experts estimate the average loss in value of an iPhone after the first year around 45 percent. Samsung’s devices are around 65 percent. The model types differ only with difficulty at first impression. When you buy a device, you are probably assuming that it was once bought new. But that’s not always the case. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON shows how to find out.

High demand for used equipment

The demand for Apple products is high worldwide, and the offers on used markets are correspondingly diverse. At first glance, only the external condition, such as the display or frame, can be assessed. Further information is the memory or the remaining battery power. What hardly anyone knows: a look at the model number reveals whether the iPhone, Macbook or iPad is new, refurbished or a replacement device, as “Chip” reports.

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The letter reveals the state

To do this, users must call up the menu item “General” in the general settings of the iOS when the device is switched on. Then tap on “Info”. In the fourth position you will find the corresponding model number of your iPhone. The first letter is crucial and provides information about the condition:

“M” – retail device

M devices are officially from an authorized Apple dealer and have not been replaced or renewed. So these are iPhones that were originally newly purchased. These devices are the most popular.

“F” – Refurbished device

F devices come from the original store, but have been returned and completely overhauled by the manufacturer. Here the value is definitely below comparable retail devices.

“N” – replacement device

N devices can basically be a retail or refurbished version. This is a device officially replaced by Apple. Their value is also below retail devices.

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Play it safe

Even if users buy a used device, they should be able to find out the model number in advance in order to avoid possible fraud or even overpriced prices. There is also the option of returning an incorrectly labeled device within the cancellation period. However, this process can be a problem for private sales without a sales contract. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON recommends that you obtain all device information before purchasing, in order to ultimately only pay for the appropriate device value. For replacement devices and refurbished iPhones, this is somewhat lower than retail devices.

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