Great view of the Netflix highlights in 2021

Streaming giant Netflix has big plans for 2021. Here is the big annual preview and an assessment of the highlights.

Despite massive competition, Netflix is ​​still the largest and most successful streaming provider. The brand’s own productions have long been established. At the usual award ceremonies, Netflix can now absolutely keep up with the classic productions. The provider has big plans for the year 2021, which has just begun. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON gives a great outlook and assessment of the Netflix highlights in 2021.

New Netflix series in 2021

The planned new series on Netflix make up the largest part in the annual preview. The provider plans to launch over a hundred new series projects. For the vast majority, there is still no fixed start date, but series with a fixed date have already been confirmed, especially for the beginning of the year. Overall, the previously known list confirms the impression that Netflix intends to defend its dominance in the series sector against the competition – especially Amazon and HBO Max.

We are particularly excited about the fantasy series “Shadow and Bone” announced for April. Based on the novel by Leigh Bardugo, the series promises a detailed fantasy world and a sophisticated plot. Another highlight could be “Colin in Black & White”. The series about the quarterback, who caused a stir in 2016 when he kneeled on the lawn to the anthem, claims to shed light on protests against racism in the NFL. We are also looking forward to the Ryan Murphy series “Halston” with Ewan McGregor in the lead role. McGregor plays a fashion designer who achieved cult status in the 60s and 70s. The announcement that “Vikings: Valhalla” will be a spin-off of the popular “Vikings” series also caused a stir. Also conceived by Vikings-Mind Michael Hist, the plot will take place 100 years later. Well-known historical figures such as William the Conqueror and Leif Erikson should be at the center of the plot.

Here is the preliminary list of the new series on Netflix in 2021:

series info date
Gabby’s Dollhouse Animation / children 05/01/2021
Lupine Drama / crime story 01/08/2021
Mistaken comedy 01/20/2021
Fate: The Winx Saga Actual filming 01/22/2021
50M2 drama 01/27/2021
Kid Cosmic Animation / children 02/02/2021
Always there for you Drama / romance 02/03/2021
Invisible city Fantasy 02/05/2021
Tribes of Europe Sci Fi 02/19/2021
High-rise invasion Anime / action February 2021
Shadow and Bone Fantasy April 2021
Eden Anime May 2021
10 after midnight horror without a date
Agent King Action / animation without a date
Again drama without a date
All Of Us Are Dead Horror / zombie without a date
Alma horror without a date
Anatomy of Scandal drama without a date
Army of the Dead: Lost Vegas without a date
Baahubali: Before the Beginning drama without a date
Bangkok Breaking thriller without a date
Battle Kitty animation without a date
Behind Her Eyes drama without a date
Blue Eye Samurai Anime without a date
Bombay Begums drama without a date
Brand New Cherry Flavor horror without a date
City of Ghosts animation without a date
Clark Drama / gangster without a date
Clickbait thriller without a date
Country Comfort Sitcom without a date
Colin in Black & White Drama / sport without a date
Cowboy bebop Anime / action without a date
Dad Stop Embarassing Me Comedy without a date
The houseboat documentary without a date
DeadEndia animation without a date
The chestnut man thriller without a date
Part of her thriller without a date
El Inocente drama without a date
Elves Fantasy without a date
Entergalactic animation without a date
Fatma thriller without a date
Fedeltà drama without a date
From scratch drama without a date
Ginny and Georgia Comedy / family without a date
Godzilla: Singular Point Anime without a date
Good Times Animation / sitcom without a date
Green Beret’s Guide to Surviving the Apocalypse Mockumentary without a date
Halston drama without a date
Hellbound horror without a date
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe animation without a date
Hit and Run thriller without a date
Hot skull Sci-Fi / Thriller without a date
A hundred years of solitude Drama / fantasy without a date
Human Resources Animation / comedy without a date
In From the Cold thriller without a date
Inside job animation without a date
Inventing Anna drama without a date
jaguar thriller without a date
Jupiter’s Legacy Action / comic without a date
Kaos comedy without a date
Katla Mystery without a date
No sign of life thriller without a date
fawn drama without a date
Lost Ollie Adventure / kids without a date
May Crime thriller without a date
maid drama without a date
Maldivas Dramedy without a date
Masters of the Universe: Revelation Action / animation without a date
Maya and the Three Animation / fantasy without a date
Midnight Mass horror without a date
Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story thriller without a date
Move to Heaven drama without a date
Mulligan Comedy / Sci-Fi without a date
Munich drama without a date
My Dad and the Bounty Hunter animation without a date
On the verge drama without a date
One piece Live action without a date
Pacific Rim: The Black Anime / action without a date
Q-Force animation without a date
¿Qué pasó con Sara? Crime / thriller without a date
resident Evil horror without a date
Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Anime / horror without a date
Round Six thriller without a date
Samurai Rabbit: The Usagi Chronicles without a date
Sentient Sci Fi without a date
Sex / Life Dramedy without a date
Sky Rojo thriller without a date
Snabba Cash thriller without a date
Soil drama without a date
Sparking Joy with Marie Kondo Reality show without a date
Sweet tooth Comic without a date
Terra Vision drama without a date
The chair Dramedy without a date
The crew Sitcom without a date
The Cuphead Show! animation without a date
the House Stop motion without a date
The irregulars Drama / crime story without a date
The Last Bus Sci Fi without a date
The One Sci Fi without a date
The Serpent Drama / thriller without a date
The Unlikely Murderer Crime thriller without a date
The Upshaws Sitcom without a date
The Sandman Action / comic without a date
The Witcher: Nightmare of the Wolf Action / Anime without a date
Transformers: War of the Cybertron Action / animation without a date
Woman of the dead Crime thriller without a date
Vampires in the Garden Anime without a date
Vikings: Valhalla Action / history without a date
Yasuke Action / Anime without a date
Zero chill Drama / sport without a date
zero Action without a date
Mike Myers series (still untitled) comedy without a date

New Netflix Movies 2021

Even when it comes to films, Netflix 2021 will not spoil it. The list is less extensive than in the series area, but Netflix announced in January that it would bring out at least one new film every week.

Also interesting: First Netflix news for February announced

A thriller comedy starring Rosamund Pike in the lead role starts in February with “I Care A Lot”. The film caused a sensation at the Toronto Film Festival and was able to convince the critics there. In “Born to be Murdered”, a young couple in Greece get caught up in a conspiracy that quickly grows over their heads. The main roles include Alicia Vikander and John David Washington. In addition, many are particularly excited about the music film “Diana”. The film is based on the musical of the same name, which is scheduled to premiere in May 2021 due to the corona pandemic. The publication on Netflix should probably take place earlier. A musical about the life of Lady Di? That could be very nice, but it could also quickly turn into bad taste. We are excited!

Here is the tentative list of new movies on Netflix in 2021:

title info date
Pieces of Woman drama 07/01/2021
Outside the wire Adventure / fantasy January 15, 2021
The White tiger drama 01/22/2021
Penguin Bloom drama 01/27/2021
The excavation Drama / story 01/29/2021
Finding ‘Ohana family 01/29/2021
Malcolm & Marie Drama / romance 02/05/2021
The Yin-Yang Master: Dream of Eternity Action / drama 02/05/2021
Red Dot Action / thriller 02/11/2021
Dani Rovira: Hate Comedy 02/12/2021
I Care A Lot Comedy / thriller 02/19/2021
Crazy about her Comedy / romance 02/26/2021
Moxie Drama / comedy 03/03/2021
Yes day comedy 03/12/2021
A Boy Called Christmas Fantasy without a date
A Castle for Christmas romance without a date
Afterlife of the party drama without a date
America: The Motion Picture animation without a date
Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Adventure animation without a date
Army of the Dead horror without a date
Awake thriller without a date
A Week Away musical without a date
A Winter’s Tale from Shaun the Sheep Animation / family without a date
Back to the outback Animation / family without a date
Bad trip Drama / comedy without a date
Beauty documentation without a date
Beckett thriller without a date
blonde biography without a date
Blood Red Sky horror without a date
Bombay Rose Animation / romance without a date
Born to be Murdered thriller without a date
Bruised Sports without a date
Concrete cowboy Western film without a date
Diana musical without a date
Don’t look up comedy without a date
Double dad comedy without a date
Escape from Spiderhead Sci Fi without a date
Fear Street Trilogy horror without a date
Fever Dream thriller without a date
Fuimos Canciones comedy without a date
intrusion thriller without a date
Kate Action / thriller without a date
Last letter from your lover romance without a date
Love hard romance without a date
monster drama without a date
Munich drama without a date
My Father’s Dragon animation without a date
Night Teeth thriller without a date
No One Gets Out Alive horror without a date
Pinocchio Animation / fantasy without a date
Red Notice Action without a date
Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Animation / family without a date
Robin robin family without a date
Black Island thriller without a date
Skater girl family without a date
Sweet girl Action without a date
The Dig biography without a date
The Guilty thriller without a date
The Harder They Fall Western film without a date
The Power of the Dog drama without a date
There’s Somebody Inside Your House horror without a date
The Woman in the Window thriller without a date
Tick. Tick ​​… boom! musical without a date
Trollhunters: Rise of the Titans Animation / family without a date
Wendell & Wild Animation / horror without a date
Wish Dragon Animation / comedy without a date

Numerous sequels are on the program in 2021

Of course, not only new creations will be launched in 2021. Series in particular live from sequels. Some of them have already been confirmed by Netflix, others are very likely due to the success.

For example, the successful series “Better Call Saul” is already in its sixth season. As the industry journal ” Variety ” wrote in January 2020, this is probably the last season around the windy lawyer Saul Goodman.

After the success of the first season there is now a second for the German series “Biohackers”. A young woman wants revenge for the gene experiments carried out on her and for the death of her brother. The series “Dear White People”, in which students try to raise awareness of racism, is getting a fourth season. It continues for the two well-known series “Sex Education” and “Stranger Things”. With both productions, the streaming service demonstrates a keen sense for younger target groups: in “Sex Education”, for example, the virgin son of a sex therapist (Gillian Anderson) gives his classmates tips on their love life. “Stranger Things” is much darker with its dangerous parallel world, but also focuses on a group of young people who deal with dark creatures,

One of the biggest projects of the year is certainly the second season of the fantasy series “The Witcher”. Based on the novel by Andrzej Sapkowski, the series faces the challenge of having to satisfy both fans of the books and the even more popular video games. The first season with Henry Cavill in the title role made waves, so we are all waiting for the sequel!

Here is the preliminary list of planned sequels on Netflix 2021:

title info
Another Life (Season 2) Mystery
Arthdal ​​Chronicles (Season 2) Fantasy
B: The Beginning (Season 2) Action / Anime
Better Call Saul (Season 6) drama
Biohackers (Season 2) thriller
Black Summer (Season 2) Action
Bonding (Season 2) Comedy
Chichipatos (Season 2) Comedy
Chicken Run (part 2) animation
Control Z (Season 2) drama
Dark Desire (Season 2) thriller
Dear White People (Season 4) Comedy
The young Wallander (season 2) Crime thriller
A Special Life (Season 2) Comedy
Good Girls (Season 4) drama
Hache (Season 2) thriller
How to Sell Drugs Online (Season 3) Comedy
Love is Blind (Season 2) Reality show
Lost in Space (Season 3) Sci Fi
Love Alarm (Season 2) romance
Luis Miguel (Season 2) biography
Monarca (Season 2) drama
Rythm + Flow (Season 2) Reality show
Sex Education (Season 3) Comedy
Stranger Things (Season 4) Mystery
The Circle (Season 2) Reality show
The Crown (Season 5) Drama / history
The Kissing Booth (Part 3) romance
The Neighbor (Season 2) Comedy
The Umbrella Academy (Season 3) Sci-Fi / Fantasy
To All the Boys: Always and Forever (Part 3) romance
The Witcher (Season 2) Fantasy
Valeria (season 2) romance
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