Google search on mobile devices gets a new design

Since 2004, the word “Google” can be found under the letter “G, g” in the dictionary. Nowadays, the US search engine often plays an indispensable role when it comes to filtering information from the Internet. A design update for mobile use is now in the starting blocks. In this article, TECHNOLOGY BUTTON shows what changes are imminent.

Whether for technical help, car problems or for shopping – users often google first, in the hope that the search engine will provide the right answer. Often it is about an immense flood of information. Ideally, the so-called hits should be presented in a visually simple, but at the same time informative manner. This is exactly what Google wants to achieve with a new design for its mobile search.

Design update for Google mobile search

A few days ago, an official Google blog entry gave an insight into the upcoming design update for the world-famous search engine. Google designer Aileen Cheng led the visual redesign, which initially focuses on mobile use. Google wants to take a step back, that is, to simplify the look. With the aim of making it quicker and easier for users to find what they are looking for, explains Cheng. The visual updates will be introduced gradually over the next few days – users do not have to change any settings.

In order to be able to present the mobile search results better, the headings should be given a larger shape. The eye of the beholder can better perceive the results through a clean separation of content and images, says Cheng. The design team also experimented with different colors in order to guide mobile users to the essential information without being irritating or overwhelming. In addition, the company would like to create a unit with the Google logo and other content – such as symbols, images and the search bar. Edges are rounded off.

New design of Google mobile search
Easier to read, better overview. Google is giving its mobile search a new design 

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Google uses its own font

The design update should also contain more of Google’s own font. This is already used with Android and Gmail. In addition to the striving for better readability of search results, Google is also relying on an edge-to-edge design. In the future, this will stand for a borderless display and forego the use of shadows. According to designer Cheng, the entire display space on mobile devices would leave more room to breathe. Google will automatically roll out the visual changes over the next few days. Users just have to keep their eyes open. The extent to which the design update has an impact on the evaluation of the search results will become apparent after the first user experience

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