Google released a major Chrome update at the end of the year

Shortly before the end of 2020, Google is bringing out another quite remarkable Chrome update. All innovations at a glance.

Google Chrome is by far the most widely used web browser in the world. Despite or perhaps because of its good market position, Google regularly provides its users with updates – sometimes smaller, sometimes larger. At the end of 2020, many users can look forward to a comprehensive Google Chrome update that brings some new functions.

Improved performance for Chrome users

Google announced the update for the web browser via Twitter and its own Google blog . There it says: “A faster Chrome, for everything you need to get done” . The update is primarily intended to improve Chrome’s performance. The measures for this in detail:

  • Active tabs have priority 1, which reduces the load on the CPU and conserves the battery of mobile devices. There is talk of a longer battery life of up to 1.25 hours.
  • Chrome should start up to 25 percent faster, pages load up to 7 percent faster and use less power and memory at the same time.
  • Chrome should also run faster on Android devices by loading pages faster in the forward and backward navigation.

New functions for Google Chrome come with an update

In addition to the performance-related innovations, Google is also bringing out some completely new functions.

  • Tabs can be searched in the future. Users then have a list of all open tabs, regardless of the currently open window. This not only gives you an overview, you can also use a search function within the list. The feature should soon be available for Chromebooks and then for other desktop platforms.

  • Further options are implemented in the address bar. In the future, users will be able to enter specific commands there and save a few clicks. Google cites as examples: “edit passwords” and “delete my history”.
  • You can resume searches later in the future. Chrome analyzes which searches may not be finished yet. The results will then appear in the new tab “New Tab”. The function is currently being tested for cooking and shopping. At the beginning of next year it is to be expanded to other areas.


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