Google Maps now with split-screen function for navigation

For many smartphone users, navigation with Google Maps is part of everyday life. In a new version of the app, there is now an innovation that simplifies this even more.

Usually the navigation via maps works very well, especially when you are on the move. If you want to look at and memorize paths in advance, you should benefit from the new function that Google is now rolling out for Android devices.

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Split screen mode combines Google Maps and Street View

With the new function, users can set the familiar pin for the Street View view in Google Maps. If the feature is already active, the app will now switch to a split screen. The Maps view can still be seen in the lower half of the screen, while Street View opens at the top.

The new function in landscape format 

They are arranged in landscape format analogously to the left and right. The advantage of the function is obvious. Switching between Street View and Maps is no longer necessary. Navigating through Street View is much easier.

With the update to version 10.59.1 of Google Maps, the feature should be available for many Android users. This is not guaranteed, as it will probably be delivered gradually.

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Data consumption increases

Anyone who has not previously used Google Street View and now does so in addition to Google Maps must be prepared for higher data consumption. Street View images are simply larger compared to conventional maps. So if you have to save on your monthly data volume, you should be aware of this in the mobile network.

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