Google is testing new dark mode for the search engine

Last year, Google introduced a darkened look for the search engine for smartphones. This does not affect the search results, it is simply less stressful on the eyes. Now Google is working on a darker interface for the web version.

Dark Mode is in the test phase

According to the website “ 9to5Google ”, the US company is working on a new, darkened appearance for desktop browsers. In the future, Google could give users the choice between the classic white view and dark mode. The test phase will initially focus on the American version of the search engine .

Dark mode cannot yet be selected in Google search

Users do not yet have the option to specifically activate the new mode. This is because Google carries out a so-called A / B test, as reported by ” The Verge “. In plain language, this means that Google plays dark mode at random, but is otherwise still white. A prerequisite for the dark theme is that the system-wide dark mode is set. If you want to try the new look, an incognito window might work.

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Google Search A/B testing full desktop dark mode

Visual details under the microscope

The Dark Mode in Google Search fills elements such as preview boxes and the background of the website with two different dark gray tones. Headings are still kept blue, with websites already visited tending towards purple. The short descriptions of the search hits appear in white instead of black text. The new color design naturally only focuses on its own search engine environment – external websites have their own look.

Dark mode is still in the test phase; an official release date is not known. Users * who already use Dark Mode at system level can then look forward to a uniform line.

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