Five new channels on Sky, but soon less football

In the coming months, the pay TV provider Sky would like to adjust its channel selection a little. Five new channels are planned, the first of which will be launched in March. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON checks what customers can expect and how good the offer really is.

Especially in the entertainment area, Sky is upgrading this year, but sports fans will also get their money’s worth. For them, the first of the five new Sky channels will start on March 18th. Just in time for the start of the Formula 1 season, Sky Sport F1 offers a lot of information and races related to motorsport.

But Sky has also planned new channels for the series and film category. There is already more information about two of them, including a planned start date. The four new channels are designed to offer both linear and on-demand content and cover different areas of interest:

The new channels on Sky

The new channels on sky

Sky Comedy

The channel Sky Comedy goes on April 1st. Here users can find both national and international comedy series. Among other things, formats such as the “Quatsch Comedy Club” by Thomas Hermanns or a new edition of the British cult format “Spitting Image” are planned, in which puppets play the main roles.

Sky crime

Sky Crime is the second broadcaster that the pay-TV provider has planned to start on April 1st. With this channel, Sky would like to have a piece of the true crime cake. The genre has been all the rage in both streaming and podcasting since “Making a Murderer” launched on Netflix. According to the description, it should be more about programs about true crimes than about fictional crime novels. For example, Sky is planning a four-part series about the hospital mass murderer Nils Högel. Users can also find the documentation on the Wirecard scandal on Sky Crime, which was produced in cooperation with RBB.

Sky Nature

As the name suggests, Sky shows nature and animal documentaries here. Sky has not yet set a start date.

Sky Documentaries

There is still no more detailed information about the new documentaries channel. A start date is still open. On the station, Sky shows documentary films and series from various topics such as sports, history or even biographies. There are also in-house productions.

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Films and in-house productions

Sky will also follow up on the film front and in-house productions (Sky Originals) in the years to come. According to the press release, the broadcaster has extended important contracts and will therefore remain the top provider for new films in the future. In the case of in-house productions, mere administration is not enough, since streaming competitor Netflix in particular has the lead here. Therefore, Sky has announced that it will double the number of German Sky Originals in the next two years. A total of up to eight in-house productions are planned per quarter.

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Limited football offer

While things are progressing in many other areas of Sky, things are unfortunately different in the area of ​​football. The broadcaster’s biggest subscription driver has become smaller. Sky is right to announce that a large part of the Bundesliga will still run on the pay-TV broadcaster until 2025, as will the DFB Cup and Premier League until at least 2022 and the Champions League until the end of 2021. In addition to golf, the formula will also be available 1 shown exclusively. The station calls itself the number 1 for sports fans. We would still sign that for football. On closer inspection, however, the facade crumbles. While Sky was the undisputed top dog when it came to granting rights in Germany many years ago, there is now wealthy competition not only with DAZN, but also with Amazon and large private broadcaster groups.


“Sky is not doing anything wrong with the new channels. New content is always good. As is so often the case, Sky is not reinventing the wheel. We already know all of these areas from the competition. Crime channels in particular were springing up like mushrooms elsewhere. The same applies to the increased number of in-house productions. Sky still has to make up ground here. In the end, however, film and Bundesliga fans are still best off with Sky. “

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