Films and series on Amazon Prime Video in January

New month, new luck – and a new streaming offer on Amazon Prime Video. In January 2021 there will be a lot to see for fans of relaxed streaming on the couch. There are not only sequels to well-known series, but also new Amazon Originals!

One of the largest video streaming providers out there is Amazon. Prime customers of the online retailer can not only use the free premium shipping for 69 euros per year (34 euros for students) or 7.99 per month (can then be canceled monthly), they are also available with Amazon Prime Music and Amazon Prime Video two streaming services are available.

So that Amazon Prime Video can keep up with competitors like Netflix and Disney +, the provider adds to the selection of series and films every month. The company also produces its own content under the name Amazon Originals. TECHNOLOGY BUTTONreveals which new films and series Amazon Prime Video customers can look forward to in January 2021. However, it should be noted that the offer can be expanded by Amazon at any time.

News on Amazon Prime Video in January

New series and seasons

In addition to the complete 9 seasons of the successful series “Scrubs”, Amazon Prime Video is bringing out some new products in the series in January. In “James May: Oh Cook” someone cooks with the Grand Tour legend who actually can’t really do it, and in the new Star Trek series “Star Trek: Lower Decks” the focus is on the crew members otherwise hardly noticed.

From 04.01.

  • Scrubs (Seasons 1-9)

From 11.01.

  • American Gods (Season 3) – Amazon Original
  • The Magicians (Season 4)

From January 15th

  • James May: Oh Cook (Season 1) – Amazon Original

From 21.01.

  • South Park (season 23)

From January 22nd

  • Star Trek: Lower Decks (Season 1) – Amazon Original

The new Star Trek animation series from Amazon takes place in the year 2380, mainly on board the USS Cerritos, a really unimportant ship of Starfleet. At the center of the plot are four also unimportant members of the crew: Mariner (Tawny Newsome), Rutherford (Eugene Cordero), Tendi (Noel Wells) and Boimler (Jack Quaid). In contrast to previous films and series of the universe, “Star Trek: Lower Decks” is not about the leadership of a spaceship, but about the rather inconspicuous crew members, who are just as indispensable and also have to struggle with a variety of problems.

The new films

In January, some real top-class players landed on Amazon Prime Video. In addition to the first two parts of the “Pitch Perfect” series, Oscar winner “La La Land” and “Water for the Elephants”, Amazon is also bringing out promising originals with “Forte” and “One Night in Miami”.

From 01.01.

  • Bridget Jones’ Baby (romantic comedy, 2017)
  • An Easy Girl (romantic comedy, 2019)

From 02.01.

  • Blade Runner 2049 (Sci-Fi Action, 2017)
  • The Awakening (Thriller, 2011)

England in 1921: After the First World War, many people, marked by grief and loss, believed in supernatural phenomena. Florence Cathcart (Rebecca Hall) is a scientist and aims to expose fraudsters who exploit belief in the supernatural. At a boarding school, for example, she can solve the death of a student and apparently prove that ghosts had nothing to do with it. However, she increasingly has the feeling that something is wrong with her and she decides to stay in the school, which is becoming increasingly empty due to the upcoming vacation. The good-looking teacher Robert (Dominic West) and the somewhat strange boy Tom (Isaac Hempstead-Wright) keep her company. In the seclusion, she increasingly thinks

From 03.01.

  • Kingdom of Heaven (Action, 2003)

From 04.01.

  • Weathering with You – The Girl Who Touched the Sun (Anime, 2020)

From 05.01.

  • Oasis: Supersonic (Documentary, 2016)

From January 6th

  • Tabaluga – The Movie (Children, 2018)

From 07.01.

  • The Amazing Life of Walter Mitty (Comedy, 2014)

From January 9th

  • The Island of Special Children (Fantasy Action, 2016)

From 11.01.

  • Pride (Drama, 2014)

From 12.01.

  • The Beach (Action / Drama, 2000)
  • La La Land romantic comedy / musical film, 2014)

Film fans will definitely remember the confusion at the 2017 Academy Awards. “La La Land” was declared the winner of the premier class – best film – even though “Moonlight” had actually won the award. For a moment it was uncomfortable on stage when the euphoric people in charge of the music film were supposed to leave the stage again. The film definitely deserved to win this award too, having won numerous Academy Awards (including Best Director, Best Actress, Best Score), Golden Globes (including Best Film, Best Actor, Best Director) and many other awards . Damien Chazelle’s film about lovers in Los Angeles pays homage to successful film musicals of yesteryear and the city itself,

From 13.01.

  • The Room (Horror, 2019)

From January 15th

  • One Night in Miami (Drama, 2020) – Amazon Original
  • The spy next door

From January 16

  • No place without you (Drama, 2015)

From January 17th

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (children

From 19.01.

  • Anderson Falls – A Cop on the Edge (Crime / Drama, 2020)

From January 20th

  • Forte (Comedy, 2020) – Amazon Original

From January 22nd

  • Spy – Susan Cooper Undercover (action-comedy, 2015)
  • Robbi, Tobbi and the Flieatüüt

From 23.01.

  • Water for the elephants (Romantik, 2011)

From 25.01.

  • Force of Nature (Adventure, 2020)
  • Pitch Perfect (Parts 1 and 2; Comedy / Music Film, 2012/2015)

From January 27th

  • Self is the Bride (Comedy, 2009)

When the successful publisher and Canadian citizen Margaret (Sandra Bullock) learns that she should be expelled, she unceremoniously blackmailed her assistant Andrew (Ryan Reynolds) into marrying her. To get to know each other better and pass the immigration test, the two fly to Alaska for Andrew’s grandmother’s birthday. The family is quite astonished about the marriage plans, as Andrew always spoke negatively of his tyrannical boss. In the midst of the warm family and the seclusion of Alaska, the two actually get closer …

Those were the highlights on Amazon Prime Video in December

From 05.12.

  • Indeed … love

Just in time for the contemplative season, a film lands on Amazon Prime Video that could already be described as a real Christmas classic: “Indeed … love”. The episodic love comedy from 2003 is bursting with stars. The British Prime Minister (Hugh Grant) is in love with Natalie (Martine McCutcheon), but she is hit on by the US President (Billy Bob Thornton). His sister Karen (Emma Thompson) discovers that her husband Harry (Alan Rickman) has bought his secretary (Heike Makatsch) an expensive necklace while Sarah (Laura Linney) tries to take care of her mentally unstable brother. Juliet (Keira Knightley) receives what is probably the most famous star singer greeting of all time, while writer Jamie (Colin Firth) falls in love with Aurelia in France despite major language barriers.

From 11.12.

  • The Wilds (Season 1)

The new series “The Wilds” revolves around a group of young teenagers who are stuck on a desert island after a plane crash. They have to come together as a group and drive the immediate ones together, but also defeat ghosts from the past. The cast of the eagerly awaited series consists mostly of unknown faces, with actress Sophia Ali (“Grey’s Anatomy”) but at least one well-known name is on board.

From December 17th

  • Die Hard Part 1-5

On December 17th, the “Die Hard” series is coming to Amazon Prime Video. The policeman John McClane (Bruce Willis) gets into situations over and over again in which he has to deal with a gang of criminals. Whether with a blackmail gang in a chic New York skyscraper or a corrupt ex-officer at Washington Airport – the likeable warrior who carries a bunch of problems around with him in his private life holds up time and again against well-known opponents such as Alan Rickman, Jeremy Irons or William Sadler.

From 19.12.

  • Life of Pi: Shipwreck with a Tiger

The young Pi Patel (Suraj Sharma / Irrfan Khan) is the son of a zoo director. When the family slowly runs out of money, they want to emigrate to Canada with the zoo animals. During the crossing, the ship encounters a storm and Pi can get to safety on a lifeboat – together with the imposing Bengal tiger Richard Parker. To protect his life, he begins to train the predator bit by bit by sharing his supplies with him. A remarkable journey begins, at the end of which everyone has to wonder which version and which symbolism they want to carry on.

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Rent or buy films and series from Amazon Prime Video

In addition to the free offer – for paying Prime customers – there are of course a large number of films and series that anyone can place in their video library for a small rental fee or a slightly higher purchase price. In November there will also be a couple of new additions to this category that are well worth seeing, including the 17th season of the popular hospital series “Grey’s Anatomy”, the 8th season of “Blacklist” and the brand new feature film “Berlin Alexanderplatz”.

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