Facebook is planning its own smartwatch with a removable display

Facebook is apparently currently working on its first own smartwatch. And that could be extraordinary, because the display can be removed. But what could Facebook do with it?

In the past few years, the social media giant Facebook has repeatedly tried its own hardware. Examples include the smart displays of the portal series or VR headsets under the name Oculus. However, Facebook has not yet offered its own smartwatch – not yet. Because since the beginning of 2021 there have been reports about a company’s smart watch. Their structure should be special.

Smartwatch from Facebook with a special display

Especially because the display of the Facebook smartwatch should be removable. At least that’s what ” The Verge ” reports . There should be two cameras on the display that users can use to take photos and post them directly on Facebook’s platforms such as Instagram. The fact that the display and cameras can be separated from the actual smartwatch opens up additional application possibilities.

The camera on the front comes according to reports with full HD resolution and autofocus. It is primarily intended for video calls. The rear camera for all other photos, on the other hand, can only be used if it is removed from the housing of the smartwatch. Facebook is also in talks with other companies to develop special accessories for its smartwatch. According to insider information, a special attachment of the display and camera to a backpack is under discussion.

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Facebook smartwatch should be independent of Android and iOS

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees a clear goal for the smartwatch and other devices that the company could bring out in the future. You should be able to work independently of Google and Apple. This suggests that the smartwatch can be operated independently of Android and iOS. In addition, the watch should be equipped with LTE support, which would allow the receipt of messages and telephony directly via the smartwatch. It is still unclear which smartwatch operating system Facebook uses.

However, initial information on the design is already available, even if we are still missing pictures. The sources speak of a case made of steel, which should be available in the more classic colors white, black and gold.

It will take some time before the watch is ready for the market. A performance is therefore not planned before summer 2022. The price for the Facebook smartwatch is said to be around $ 400, according to initial reports. However, this information is not yet set in stone.

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Further versions are already being planned

Facebook would like to use future versions of the smartwatch as an input device for new AR glasses. Because, according to Mark Zuckerberg, they could be as widespread in a few years as smartphones are today. Facebook is apparently relying on a technology that the company acquired from CTRL-labs. The startup is working on bracelets that can control a computer with wrist movements.

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