Ex-US President Trump is planning his own social media platform

After storming the US Capitol in Washington DC, Donald Trump was banned from all major social media platforms. Now the ex-president is planning his own stage.

According to a consultant, ex-US President Donald Trump is planning his own social media platform. The announcement comes after his suspension on Twitter, Facebook and other Internet services. Accordingly, Trump will return to social media with his own new service in two to three months. The adviser and spokesman for the Trump 2020 campaign Jason Miller told Fox News on Sunday.

Miller expects the new Trump platform to attract tens of millions of new users and “completely redefine the game”. Allegedly, Trump is in contact with several companies and has already met with different teams to work on the project. Without giving any further details, Miller indicated that “the new platform will be big”.

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Trump banned from all major social media platforms

Twitter had permanently blocked Trump’s private account with 88 million subscribers in January. A few days earlier, Trump supporters stormed the US Capitol, seat of parliament. Trump had urged his supporters through his social media channels to march to the Capitol. There the election of his rival Joe Biden was about to be officially confirmed. Other platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Snapchat followed Twitter’s example shortly afterwards and also blocked all Trump accounts.

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Social media under pressure

In the US presidential elections, social networks came under increasing pressure to take action against misinformation, but also against discrimination, racism and messages of hatred. Facebook attracted a lot of attention. The company has been criticized for being reluctant to take action against controversial Trump posts.

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