Elon Musk has only played one console game in his life

Elon Musk is the co-founder of pioneering companies like Tesla and Space X. With them he has made billions. With such a technical vita, it is almost strange that Elon Musk only played one console game in his life

Elon Musk is no stranger to the gaming world. He lives out his passion primarily on the PC and likes to share it with the community – like millions of other gamers worldwide. What is unusual, however, is that Musk has remained loyal to his chosen platform over the years. In the course of his life he switched to a console for just one title.

“Halo” serves as inspiration for Musk

In an exchange with Twitter users, Elon Musk revealed which game prompted him to switch from the PC to the console. Originally, the conversation was about “ Cyberpunk 207 ”, a game that the entrepreneur praises for its implementation and design, despite the recurring problems and endless updates. One user then checked more closely and asked him whether, despite his passion for PCs, he occasionally also plays on consoles and if so, what is his preferred game. Elon Musk answered the question in just two words:

The first person shooter “Halo” was first released in 2001 for the Xbox. The series now includes several titles, with the latest part “Halo: Fireteam Raven” being offered exclusively as an arcade game. Since December 2019 there are six titles in the series, the “Halo: The Master Chief Collection”, also available for the PC, playable via Steam, for example. Elon Musk would not even have to switch from the PC to the console to play “Halo”.

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But apparently Elon Musk was also inspired by “Halo” for his own developments. At the end of 2019, Tesla presented the Tesla Cybertruck at a major event . The electric car, which looks like it came from a futuristic action film, is even slated to hit the streets at the end of 2021. When asked about the special design of the car, Elon Musk stated on Twitter that he was inspired by the very game he switched to the console for – “Halo”. In keeping with this, he named the Tesla Cybertruck “Warthog irl” after the vehicles in the game series.

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