Easily find a silent smartphone again

If you have lost your cell phone, just give yourself a quick call to find it again. But what if the device is muted? TECHNOLOGY BUTTON shows how you can find it again anyway!

Although we rarely don’t see our cell phone, we move it regularly. In such cases, many people simply call themselves to find their phone by ringing. Often, however, the smartphone is set to silent or on the vibrating alarm, so the mobile phone does not ring when a call is received. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON reveals how you can find your Android smartphone or iPhone anyway.

Here’s how to find your iPhone again

Go to  icloud.com on your PC or Mac and sign in with your Apple ID information. Alternatively, you can open the Find My iPhone app on another iPhone, iPad, or Mac. To find out where your phone is, select Find iPhone . Your smartphone will then be located and you can see where your mobile phone is on a map. To make an iPhone set to silent or vibrate, use the Play sound option . If the iPhone still has battery and is connected to the Internet, you can now hear it.

If the iPhone is no longer connected to the Internet, you can at least activate the “Lost” mode. This will allow you to lock the device with a passcode and write a lost message with your phone number and contact details. You can also use it to remove the payment data for Apple Pay. If the iPhone is switched on again by a Finder, it cannot be used without your code. In addition, the location is then automatically activated in “Lost” mode. In the worst case, you can delete all personal data on the device via Erase iPhone .

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With the Apple Watch or Siri

If you have an Apple Watch, it can also help you find your iPhone. To do this, go to the control center and select the blue icon to start the phone ringing. You can also use the Apple Watch to light up your cell phone – of course, this only works when your iPhone is nearby. If you have activated the Siri voice assistant on your iPhone, you can start it with the words “Hey Siri”. Then use the timer function. If your cell phone is nearby, you can now hear it.

How to find your Android smartphone again

With Android devices, the location works similarly to the iPhone. To do this, simply go to Android.com/find and log in with your Google account, which you also use for your smartphone. On the website, you can now select the device you are looking for, whether it is a smartphone, tablet or smartwatch, from the gallery. The device is then located and the last location is displayed on a map. The website now offers three options: Under Let the doorbell ring, you can let your smartphone be noisy for five minutes – even if it is set to silent. But this only works under one condition: the cell phone must be switched on and connected to the Internet.

The website has two other advantages. If you still cannot find your smartphone and are afraid that you may have lost it, you can lock it using your password or PIN and, like with the iPhone, display a lost message or a telephone number. If necessary, you can also delete content from the device using Delete . But be careful: if you choose this step, you will no longer be able to locate it with the services mentioned.

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