Does the power supply for the iPhone 12 have to come from Apple?

For the first time, Apple’s iPhone 12 does not come with a charger. You have to buy that. But does it have to be a model directly from the manufacturer? Or maybe you can’t take one that’s still lying around at home?

Apple only adds a USB-C to Lightning cable to the new iPhone models. Buyers of the iPhone 12 have to get a power adapter themselves. Unless you have a charger in the drawer. Any power supply with a USB-C connection will work once.

But what about fast charging? If you want to charge your iPhone quickly, you don’t have to use Apple accessories, reports the technology portal “”. Sometimes power supplies from third-party manufacturers are not only cheaper, but also better.

Charge your iPhone quickly

In order to switch to fast charging mode, the iPhone 12 series requires a power supply unit with at least 20 watts, according to the experts. Older iPhones from the iPhone 8, however, need a power supply with at least 18 watts for the quick charge mode.

Important when buying a new power supply unit that should be able to charge the iPhone 12 quickly: It should support the USB Power Delivery (USB-PD) charging standard. According to Apple, this is absolutely necessary so that the smartphones switch to fast charging mode.

Practical: Not only iOS, but also many Android devices support USB-PD. If the power supply unit has significantly more watt reserves than the iPhone 12 can accept, this is not a problem: With USB-PD, the power supply unit and end device negotiate which voltage should and should flow. A powerful charger can be used for both Apple and Android devices.

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Changing cables on the iPhone 12 is not so easy

If you have to replace your USB-C to Lightning cable, you should also take a closer look or even take a closer look. According to the experts, it doesn’t have to be an original Apple cable here either. However, there are more problems with energy transmission if the cable is not “Mfi” certified. You should therefore pay attention to the “Made for iPhone / iPad / iPod” label on the packaging.

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