Do not fully charge the battery of your smartphone!

To ensure that the smartphone has enough power during the day, most users fully charge their device before starting. Whether overnight or during the day – 100 percent is the goal. But this is dangerous for the battery.

The status of the battery can now be displayed on iPhones. Many are shocked when the battery does not perform well after a certain period of time. In order to delay that, you should get longer battery life through the right battery care and thus in the end with a longer service life.

Stopping charging helps against early battery death

One of the most important measures against premature battery death is to manually unplug the smartphone – even before the device is fully charged. Do not charge the battery over 80 percent, advises Stiftung Warentest. Because fully charged batteries age prematurely. However, there is currently no automatic switch-off for cell phones.

Do not charge the battery overnight

For this reason, users should not hang their mobile phones on the power overnight and should therefore always charge them to 100 percent. According to the product testers, the partial loading strategy is recommended so that they can still get through the day with some comfort. For example, you always hook your cell phone to the network at breakfast and again at dinner instead of leaving it hanging there for hours.

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Cost savings through correct charging of the battery

In the end, the effort pays off in terms of service life. With good treatment, lithium-ion batteries last three to five years, according to the Federal Environment Agency. On the other hand, if the energy dispenser is handled improperly, the service life will be halved. Since rechargeable batteries are becoming increasingly difficult to replace, this is a real cost saving. It is not uncommon for users to get a new smartphone just because the battery is constantly draining too quickly. Otherwise everything often works.

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