Disney + will soon have a streaming section for adults

In February, the streaming service Disney + plans to expand its portfolio. “Star” is planned as an integrated offer specifically aimed at adults. Here you will find all information about the start, announced content and price.

Disney + launched in the US in November 2019 and worldwide in early 2020. This makes the streaming service one of the youngest on the market and compared to established brands such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video, the range is even smaller. Disney + would like to change this and is adding an essential component to its content. With “Star”, the streaming service, which was previously geared towards family entertainment, is now to include content exclusively for older audiences. But what exactly does that mean, when can we expect a “star” and what will it cost?

Disney + Star: price and start date

Rumors of a corresponding expansion have been brewing almost since Disney + was launched. An offer that was only aimed at “the whole family” seemed too limited. The Disney group is of course primarily known for its films for children and young people. With increasingly dark Marvel films and the purchase of “20th Century Studios”, the parent company was already moving more towards adult entertainment. The same step with the in-house streaming service only seems logical.

Now for the facts. The start date is also on the star page , which has since gone online : February 23, 2021. The date definitely applies to Disney + UK, but most likely also. Overall, Disney is talking about doubling the amount of content it offers in this way. Of course, this also costs the user something. In the USA the price is expected to rise by one dollar to a total of 8 US dollars per month, in Europe 9 euros will then be due instead of the previous 7 euros. Star is not an optional offer, but should be an integral part of the Disney + portfolio.

Previously known content

With this advance, not only the content, but also the number of subscribers should continue to increase. The talk is of a growth from currently 137 to 350 million subscribers by 2024. Star is to be integrated in the future as an additional tile with its own brand page in addition to the already known ones (Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic). Account owners can then assign a PIN to the area separately in order to block content from 16 and 18 for children and young people.

Disney + Star view of the streaming service's home

The preview shows content from Disney Television Studios, FX Network, 20th Television and 20th Century Studio, among others, ending up at Star. Well-known series such as “Lost”, “Desperate Housewives”, “Prison Break”, “The X Files” or “How I Met Your Mother” can then be seen there. In terms of films, subscribers can look forward to the “Die Hard” series with Bruce Willis.

It is not known whether and, if so, from when this content, some of which can still be streamed on other platforms, will be shown exclusively on Disney +.

Overall, the production rate of exclusives for the streaming service should also increase. This applies to the previous section of Disney + – more on this in our annual preview – but also to Disney + Star. So far known are the drama “Big Star” by “Big Little Lies” maker David Kelley and the series “Love, Victor”, a spin-off of the film “Love, Simon”. The latter ran for the first time on Hulu in June 2020 and will come exclusively to Disney + Star in February.

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