Create useful broadcast lists on WhatsApp

Whatsapp offers a practical function so that group calls do not annoy all participants: broadcast. However, it is hardly used by anyone. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON explains how the feature works.

Do you want to invite your friends to a party? No problem. With just a few finger tips, a new group is created and every important person is informed about the event. But when you wake up the next morning there is still that now useless group with the party invitation. After a while, groups of this kind pile up. This is followed by the annoying, dragging exit of the group members.

WhatsApp has a function that tackles exactly this problem: With broadcast, everyone in a list receives their messages. However, they do not see who else the invitation was sent to. The answers also end up in separate chats. In this way, you can continue to use WhatsApp to send invitations to everyone you know, but you don’t have to create an annoying group for everything.

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Create a broadcast list in WhatsApp

On the iPhone

1. Open WhatsApp and tap Broadcasts in the top left .

2. Tap  New List .

3. Now enter the name of the contact you want to add.

4. Now tap on Create . Every message you send to this list will be sent to the entered contacts as a private message.

On Android smartphones

1. Open WhatsApp and tap on the three dots in the top right corner.

2. Tap New Broadcast .

3. Now select contacts from your list or tap on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner to enter names.

4. Now tap on the tick at the bottom right. A broadcast list has now appeared in your chats. If you send a message to this list, the contacts entered will receive it as a private message.

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Edit broadcast lists on WhatsApp

On the iPhone

Click Broadcast Lists in the Chats tab. If you want to edit a list, press the (i) on the right edge of the screen. Now you can change the list name or add or remove new persons under Edit list .

If you want to delete a certain list, swipe it to the left with your finger until a red area with the word ” Delete ” appears. If you want to delete several lists, press Edit in the overview , click the red (-) and then click Delete .

On Android smartphones

Select a broadcast list from the overview of your chats and tap on the three dots in the upper right corner and then on Broadcast List Info . You can now add contacts by pressing Edit recipient . To remove a contact, press the (X) next to the profile picture. To change the list name, click on the pencil symbol . You can delete the list again by pressing Delete broadcast list and pressing Deleteto confirm. You can also delete several broadcast lists at the same time. To do this, you have to press and hold on a broadcast list in the chat overview until it is selected. You can then select further lists and confirm the deletion by clicking on the trash can symbol .

What else you need to know about WhatsApp Broadcast

If you send messages as broadcast, they appear in the private chats of all addressed contacts. So they behave like normal WhatsApp messages. When a contact replies to a message, this also happens in the usual chat window and is not sent to all other contacts in your broadcast list.

Please also note that only people for whom you have been added as a contact will also receive your broadcast messages.

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