Corona warning app – when did you have the last “green” risk encounter?

In the first few months of the Corona warning app, the number of low-risk encounters in particular changed constantly. Values ​​in the double-digit range were easily possible in large cities. For the last few weeks, however, these have largely been completely absent. TECHNOLOGY BUTTON explains why.

“The zero must be!” The legendary quote from soccer coach Huub Stevens also applies to the Corona warning app. It means avoiding meetings with others as much as possible and thus minimizing risk encounters and thus the risk of infection with Covid-19. Now, however, many are amazed on the Internet that the encounters do not happen on their own.

Change by update

The delivery of the update 1.9.1 for the “Corona-Warn” app started on December 17th. With numerous users, including us, the update then immediately set the number of risk encounters to zero. The reduction and now also the absence of new risk encounters can, however, be explained.

The developers of the Corona app explain the change

In the official blog of the Corona Warning App, those responsible explain exactly why users are now seeing fewer low-risk encounters. Accordingly, no encounters are withheld, but a better functioning interface for calculating the individual risk was created.

Technically, the second version of the so-called Exposure Notification Framework (ENF) is behind it. This now filters out uncritical encounters better.

In plain language, this means that the app now filters out low-risk encounters that it previously identified as “low risk” (green).

So have the measurements been wrong so far?

You can’t say it like that! You shouldn’t lose sight of the actual purpose of the Corona warning app. Because Corona-Warn is primarily intended to indicate a possible infection with the Corona virus. That means, red encounters are, so to speak, the core business of the app. This area worked and is still working. Green encounters were more “nice to know” but not really decisive. With the update to 1.9.1, the focus is only directed away from low-risk encounters and towards the important “red encounters”.

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